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    I wouldnt recommend this company to anyone. Took almost four months and alot of fighting. Actually was going to hire an attorney. Before we finally got the bike and engine my son ordered. He kept saying it was being shipped then didnt ship it. Got the bike with no engine shipped to us from walmart.com. i believe we would never have got the engine (three weeks after the bike). if i didnt threaten getting an attorney. He was taking my autistic son for his hard earned money.

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    Which place do you speak of? Something tells me gasbike lol. If so, try to avoid them from now on, they have a horrible bbb rating. If it's someone else let us know the name so we know who to avoid :p.
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    We order from california motorbikes
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    If I'm not mistaken that's the same company as Gasbike....
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    Yeah they sell under different names I assume to try to scam people more than once. I never went through them or any of their other companies because I heard bad things about them before making a purchase then did a bit of research myself. Watch out for kings motored bikes as well, same guys again.
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    You are mistaken.
    california motorbikes is run by a kid named Zane in San Rafael, California
  7. I dealt with California Motorbikes once, about a year ago!
    He had a deal going that if you bought 6 engine kits, they were a few dollars cheaper per kit!
    I ordered and paid for 6 kits.
    Took forever to get a tracking number, and then took a few days to ship.
    When I finally received them, it was 1 small box.
    I thought there is no way there are 6 kits in this 1 small box......
    What I received was 1 thin cardboard box....With everything thrown inside, stacked onto each other, with absolutely NO PACKING MATERIAL AT ALL.
    Imagine putting 6 engines, 6 gas tanks, 6 sprockets, 6 throttle assemblies, 6 drive chains, and 6 mufflers into the same thin cardboard box, with no packing material at all......

    Every engine had broken fins, every chrome muffler was dented and scratched, and those poor gas tanks!

    I could not believe my eyes.

    I immediantly photographed the mess, then boxed it all back up, and sent everything back for a refund minus my shipping.

    I don't know if things have gotten better or worse....

    But never again for me.
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    Holy crap that is appalling. Actually sounds better to deal with gasbike...I hope this company gets shut down.
  9. i ordered from california motor bikes and got my engine with bent cdi screw and the kit was missing alot of bolts i had to buy myself locally and it was packaged in ripped up cardboard boxes will not order from them again found a better supplier bikeberry and kmb motors are much better for shipping came with plastic bags full of air and engine and gearbox and stuff where in there own boxes inside a bigger box much better
  10. It is and kingsmotors is another one thats the same as gasbike their scammers
  11. Bikeberry isnt any better
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    I only use genuine EPA Legal Skyhawk kits, and their are only a couple of dealers in the US, I use

    The extra ~$35 you pay upfront for quality parts beats the heck out of the frustration, time, and way more money repairing a cheap POS kit.

    They are fun for the home tinkerer, a cheap way to learn about them and turn wrench's (uggh uggh).

    But not in local business, warranty work is a business killer.
    I don't want to see a finished build back until it's time for a tune up.
    A tune up for me means doing the same things we do before a new bike goes out, check everything.

    I get more repeat business than warranty free repairs if that tells you anything about using good parts to start with.

    The question for you to ask yourself is which is more important...
    Reliability or Initial Cost?
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  13. To my knowledge all of these 2 stroke engines come from the same company in China they are 2 strokes there for they will not pass any epa emissions i have one of the little engine's had it for about 3 years now trouble free only thing i did was retourqe head bolts 3 times to 13 ft lbs i also have a whizzer and its been nothing but a pain the ne5 engine that comes from Taiwan is junk joe lin is full of it. Ride em till the wheeles fall off majicfingers
  14. KCvale

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    Allow me to educate you...
    There are hundreds of factories in China that have the machines to build most any type of engine, and it's the Factory your engine comes from that matters.

    The best I have found for our engines is the Yang Dong factory, they do high quality work with quality materials.
    A big customer of theirs is Don Grube, the man behind Grubee and where the Skyhawk GT5 2-stroke engines are built under his supervision.

    There are of course dozens of other factories that build knocks-offs as cheap they can, and dozens of people that buy a bunch and open a business.
    Dandy for them, sucky for you.

    And the lesson continues..
    Of course a 2-stroke engine can pass emissions, they are everywhere!
    The thing is, it's around 30K to get the engine tested and certified plus a bunch more fed red tape to do.

    A couple years back they tightened the rules even more.
    You now that stupid little heat shield on skyhawk exhaust pipes?
    That is one example of what the EPA wanted to approve them.

    Anyway, as a business man I don't dick with the kid that bought 50 kits of who knows where, and like everything else I do, I just go with the best I know of all the time.

    Hopefully that will educate you a bit about the reality of 2-stroke engine ;-}
  15. Let me edgucat
    Let me educate you here your a dealer of these engines there for you'll brag your product these 2 strokes are all the same its how much one knows about them as to how well they'll run and for how long the only way to make them epa certified would be with a catilictic converter mabie the next time i need parts ill try your cite NOT price mark up is to high thank you very much
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    I once seen an edgucat in southern Spain it was huge and jumped out right in front of my dirtbike causing a crash and almost my death as I was half way up a mountain . Just a warning edgucat's are dangerous!
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    Actually no, I am not a parts dealer, I build high end custom motorized bikes and buy a lot of parts, that's how I know whats good and why is all.

    Anyway, just trying help ya understand they are not all the same, take it or leave it.