Would a Morini even fit?

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    OK, I'm putting the cart SO far ahead of the horse on this question that the horse isn't even born yet...

    Would a Morini motor even fit in a Worksman frame without massive frame modification? I know they mount in differently than HTs, but that's not my question. Every picture I have seen of a Worksman with a Morini, the frame is opened up by a lot BUT the engine definitely NOT fill up the space.

    I've never seen a Morini in person, so I have no frame of reference to how much bigger they are than HTs.

    I would not be buying a new engine until my current HT dies. Just playing with options-- I would bet the cost of each in ratio to its life-expectancy would make buying a 4 stroke or a Morini cost effective against buying multiple HTs over time...

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    OK I finally found a thread that says it won't fit, but when you look at the picture, it looks like there is more room than it actually needs...

    Morini in a Worksman
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    Take a look at this summary thread I just posted as a reference, RedBaronX. It has links to dimensional drawings of the various Morini Franco S6 engines that might help you out.
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    I did see those, but there are no overall measurements shown, just a couple here and there . I was trying to scale the .pdf up and down based on the couple measurements posted though. Get my printer working again and see if that will work.
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    Feeling like Italian?

    Ask and ye shall receive Baron...


    At the bottom of that page you will find a PDF file that give the external dimensions of the little Italian Harlot...

    The S6-S and the S6-T share more or less the same external dimensions.

    I have never seen a Morini installed in a stock Workman frame...I'm not saying it cant... I've just never seen one, its a tall wide engine compared to a China doll...

    Through relatives in the old country, I've managed to procure several S6 series Air cooled Morinis at a more reasonable price... my first one WAS going into my beloved Iron Horse Warrior, a hard tailed, modern geometry, mens 21" mountain bike frame... But the bike had other ideas...
    It seems it has a big fat down tube 1 1/4" DIRECTLY in front of the exhaust port when the chain lines are correct, and its perfectly positioned other wise... I was somewhat put out.
    DANG IT! @$^*)_+_(&%$#@!
    (throw's tools here)
    Ok... no biggie...GRRRRRRR... I was wanting to try the GT5R "super rat" china girl any way.

    On that "other" forum... theres a great Morini thread...

    I'm banned from it cause I tend to call a frog a frog...
    but some of those guys have the morini down pat and can probably give you more old style frame info than i can.
    Give it a shot...it cant hurt.
    Let me know what ya building...
    DON'T BUY ANYTHING OFF THOSE GUYS! word to the wise.
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    glad to include these links in my subscriptions file.
    ty too