would like to add coaster brake

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by stluty, May 29, 2012.

  1. stluty

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    I have a 1999 whizzer 123cc but it only has one brake the front this I believe is very unsafe.
    I would like to add a rear Ben****s type brake shall i just swap out the rear wheel with a unit that has a brake?
    Also the bike is a 26" would like to go down to a 24" can I just change wheels to 24"

  2. wheelbender6

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    We have a subforum for Whizzers. Post there and you will get very quick answers on your Whizzer questions.
    Isn't it funny what the censor program catches? I made a reference to **** Clark after his death and the censor program covered a few letters with asterisks.
  3. motorpsycho

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    first of all, if you go down to 24" wheels, you will lose sopme top end speed, but gain some low end torque. notice i said some....it will be very little, and you may not really even notice.
    why not just put a caliper hand brake on it instead of going through all the hassle of trying to put a coaster brake wheel on it?
    coaster brakes are good for peddle powered only bikes, but they're not very good on bile that have motors and that will go 25-30 mph.
    I always liked my coaster brake only bike, but as soon as i added a rear caliper brake to it, it made a world of difference.
    actually a front brake will stop you better than a rear brake.
    front brakes aren't "unsafe" and if you ask any good motorcycle rider, they will tell you that they use the front AND the rear brake every time they come to a stop.
    sometimes they will only use the fornt brake when in certain situations.
  4. professor

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    St, I agree with Motorpsycho, only I suggest V brakes.
    You can transfer some from an old bike onto your frame.
    I think someone may make an adapter to mount Vs on a bike.
    V brakes are a big step up from calipers.
  5. stluty

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    thanks for the in put
    As to front brake stopping I was worried about stopping in a sandy condition which happens here in Fl.
    I like the low end Torque may go to 24" wheels I also like the Calipers on the rear
    I just remember that my old whizzer had a coaster brake .
    thanks for the in put