Would this Plate work on your MB?

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    That plate will not work for one minute in California
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    Did the OP bump his head?

    "motorcycles have no motors?" ? WRONG

    "motorized bicycles don't have one either unless they are electric" ? WRONG

    A device is a constructed tool.
    A motor is a mechanical or electrical device that causes a rod to rotate. All motorcycles and all motorized bicycles have motors.
    An internal combustion engine is a heat engine (itself a subsystem) used to do mechanical work. This work almost always involves turning a rod.

    OP, I totally understand your freethinking, but your argument using very weak semantics like that is a bit amateurish.

    IMHO, the more important question is "Why are we required to have a driver's license of any type when we aren't using our vehicles for a commercial purpose?" !

    One should not need a license to travel.
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    Socal Motor Bicycle Racing.
    damn, I am gonna have to change the name to,
    Socal Engine Bicycle Racing.
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    I thought we all had an understanding that we don't respond to this guy's posts. At least that was my understanding and actually it has worked out pretty good.
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