Would this product fit on a Chinese Bicycle Motor crankcase

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  1. Fabian

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    It's got a 47mm cylinder, matching cylinder head and piston.


    and this:


    combined with a reed valve intake:



    Could make for an interesting combination with a balanced crankshaft and decent bearings to safely liberate a few more rpm.

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  2. 210061741

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    Not too sure.
    I think what we would need to know=

    Bolt Pattern dimensions
    And the distance the piston travels.

    The Stroke Distance would be very important.
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    As far as the first two links go I'd have to say NO.. Look at the base gaskets...the gasket that goes between the cylinder and crankcase.

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  4. 210061741

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    I actually think for the cost.
    It would be better to redesign the jug for high performance.
    READ THE 2-STROKE tuners handbook.
    And have it machined.
    Then you know it will fit and work with our motors.

    For some reason i heard reed valves wouldn't work with our motors.
    I think because of the porting in the engine block.