Would this work?

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    This concrete saw is on sale. (Gas-Powered Cutoff Saw - 3.6 HP) There is a PDF manual for more specifics on the(pg 10) specs. It looks like there would plenty of power, rpm and torque. I don't like thats it's 2 stroke or the 75:1 mix or the 110db part but other than that, It looks like an interesting prospect for a MB LOCOmoter. Any input on this would be appreciated.

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    Serious overkill.....

    But I like it!
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    Would it work? Oh yeah...some work, but it would be a blast.

    Now, this is either a good thing or a bad thing, but in a past life, I worked in an equipment rental and rented and serviced these things- they only run well flat out- not real well at part throttle, but great when balls to the wall.