Would you pay for a working 3 Sp Trans. for your engine?

What Is the most you pay for a working 3 Speed Trans for the engine powered side of your bike?

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HI All,

I am currently working with a engineering friend and a machine shop to
produce a 3 speed transmission for our engine powered bicycle for possible mass production later (if there is enough interest/demand)....

As part of this overall plan I was writing to see (via a quick polling of engine powered bike enthusiasts) what a functioning 3 speed tranny would be worth to you as an add on accessory to your engine powered bicycle.

The proposed kit would allow the engine to power the bicycle through 3 gears ...First gear for fast acceleration and slow speed use, mid gear for standard cruise and moderate hills, and 3 gear for flat out speed....The tranny would have an overrunning clutch that could allow the engine to "coast" down hills (no need to pull the clutch to avoid over revving the engine....they don't offer much compression braking anyways).

As a further benefit, the bike will still retain all of its normal pedaling gears minus one or 2 speeds depending on the bicycle..and pedal/ride like our current engine powered bikes.

The kit would allow for standard "bump" starting of the engine.

Thanks in advance for any and all input as to what you would be willing to pay for such a system should it become available in the future.

3 indentical posts about selling something...next post would be best in "introduce yourself"...meantime i'm deleting the other 2...take the time to learn how we get along around here before plastering polls all over the place, m-kay?

unlocked, we'll see how this goes.
In most States a transmission makes a pedal assisted bicycle a motorcycle with all the requiorments of being a fully registered vehicle. So I would never have an interest in a transmission for a bicycle. Now to open up my Moto Guzzi trans for a reshimming of the shifting drum, that has my interest.
once you slap a transmission on the thing it goes from a motoredbike to a motorbike and is subject to insurance/registration/regulation which is what most of us are here to avoid.
so I doubt anybody would be interested.
maybe..someday if I build a velomobile. its hard to justify doubling or tripling the cost of your motor with an illeagle add on. I would have to know more about dependability and life exspectancy.
I'd pay........................nothing.

Because as it has been stated once it has a gear selection it is in a different class of vehicles.
HI All,

Thanks for the input thus far....In response to the tranny making the bike illegal to use (or at least require insurance / registration etc)....I can honestly say that I am not even 100% sure of the laws in my area regarding the motorization of a bikes...other than the fact that in VA I believe we don't need insurance or registration if the engine is under50 CC in size....Sooo technically I suppose chinese 70 CC is already the against the law unless the bike is properly registered / insured / licensed. ( I wonder how many people actually do that for the unmarked 70 CC engines?).

I am not sure about the tranny issue but I had heard of that potential issue and planned on incorporating a quick detach pin that would disable the shifting mechanism, thus rendering the transmission unable to be shifted on the fly....just pull the pin (swallowing it would be optional but may be overkill) before being pulled over by "the man".

So far the cost of the system is close to what the respondents in the poll indicate they would pay....so so far so good there....

I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Thanks for any an all inputs.

I think it is a great idea...3 speed

Sounds like a great idea, hard to understand the concept without a picture, but anything to go faster and not have your engine squealing like a mad-man is a good idea. Any updates, need someone to test a prototype?

always an interesting thought -- 2 speed or 3 speed

but -- if it causes legal problems -- probably for most -- not worth it

here in Calif -- from the little that I know -- this may blow the whole THING

ride that thing