Wouldn't it be a dream to motorize this?? 1930's Elgin Bluebird

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by AnvilBlockForge, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. On first glance I fell in love with those fenders. Then I noticed the frame design and started to drool. I am absolutely in love with this bike, wouldn't a motorized one of these be perfection?! If only I had the 8 grand to buy one xD LOL

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  2. This era of bike manufactures had it figured out! Why don't they make em like this anymore??

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  3. HeadSmess

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    the first ones purty... but HOW MUCH?

    the last one, the black thing...thats just sex. retro 50's space age sex with a good dose of betty page... :)
  4. InfoCentral

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    That last one is a Jetson's ride for sure!
  5. The first one is an Elgin Bluebird from the 1930's. A rusted barn find one sold in auction for 9200$! Insane, but gorgeous. I wonder if anyone with bike building experience could build a replica?? Cause I love how the top brace swings back to the swept fender. SEXY! And yes, that last one is amazing. A motor on that would definitely get some looks!
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    Anvil, excuse me for my lack of political correctness, but the answer to your question is pretty simple. Consumers use to be very quality concious, look at the message in the old Maytag Repairman commercials. Today, most people have a Walmart mentality. They will buy whatever is cheapest and are happy to replace it without any thought of the long term cost. No one wants to save so they can buy quality, they want everything now. How many Chinese bicycles do you think will be around in 40 years? The good news is, there are some enterprising Americans, many are members of this forum, who know how to make their own masterpieces.
  7. Your completely correct, everyone wants that good deal. But you get what you pay for. With the right jigs, how hard would you think it'd be to replicate that frame?
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    Actually those same people from a time long ago can make anything last a long time given there are parts to replace or other parts that will work to do the same thing.Mother and I look at things we have had for many years then we think about how long we have been together,maybe that's how it is supposed to work.
    Certainly enjoy puttering on these motorized two wheelers no matter their power level.
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    On those bikes you don't want to diminish the value. So a whizzer kit from the same era would have to be put on it.