wow, a good deal (bicycle & 48cc) It's SOLD.



:cool:augi, i'd LOVE to bid/buy that bike, maybe even close to retail. sadly, the shipping would be more than the bike will sell for.
maybe i can call my son and have him buy me that bicycle. he lives in cali.
"son, can you buy me a bike? can i have a bike...puleeze?":rolleyes:


i knew that question was drag this off-topic...

guys, off-topic posting has always been frowned upon in forums-usage, and this place has already had more than it's share...if you aren't addressing the original topic (in this case, a sale) you're off-topic. when this happens in the main areas, it really screws up the flow.

in this case, it would have been entirely appropriate to attach the pic to a new topic in here about where to find one.

please, get with the program, we're tired of wasting so much of our time picking up your (not you specifically, but the group in general) cigarette butts and empty bottles 'round here, so everyone please start helping the MBc staff to keep the place a bit neater.

no, don't reply with another off-topic post, just try to help us out more in the future.