wow cops talking about people who ride bicycles.



interesting indeed. during my ride to oregon, i did ride right as far as i could, it was far safer and prudent, i had a better chance of keeping myself from falling into the precipice than to trust someone else to NOT squeeze past.

when i approached a bridge/tunnel/curve that had no shoulder to speak of, i completely took the lane for the 1/4 mile or so that i needed to. but, i was a responsible motorist and timed my "merges" to least disrupt traffic.

i think the cagers worked just as hard at safety on that road as i did, if you've seen how little room there is, you'd agree.

i guess if a cop had come along, he'd be honor-bound to follow behind me for miles on end, think that woulda happened?

thanks for posting that link.


wow interesting to note that even if you have never done anything wrong at all,( according to the consensus on the message board) the police already hate your bike-riding ass.

Also worth mentioning a study was recently conducted that said that when drivers see a bicyclist wearing a bike helmet they will pass closer to you assuming that if you have safety gear on you are protected from their mass of speeding metal somehow.

If you think I'm making this up -