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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Guest, Apr 3, 2007.

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    So I am so taken by these motored bikes that I put up my beloved '65 Honda CT200 Trail 90 on ebay so I might get enough money to buy a couple of these for Mrs. Joe and myself.

    I used it for local running (do-able on an MB) and exploring the several old R&R right of ways around here. (I don't think the MB's will do the job on the trails though). Also the 90 was registered and licensed, I'd be going "semi-legal" 'round here on an MB.

    Plus, the Honda was ultimately reliable with just oil changes, and got around 90 MPG's. I do feel I can make some definite improvements on the China engines, so that's half the fun.

    Columbus didn't discover whatever the heck it was he actually discovered by sittin' on the porch though.

  2. srdavo

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    tis a shame you have to part with your trail 90. that's an awesome machine.
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    Well, I may not...ebay is having some kind of screw up and though I listed it around noon today, it doesn't show up in any of the searches I try! If it doesn't come up tomorrow, I'll have to contact customer service....I'm not paying 30 bucks to not list something.
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    Where is "around here"


    Signal to noise ratio, very low.

    By R&R do mean railroad? If so, those type of trails are perfect for motoredbike thruways; if you don't get caught. Very low grades and very little traffic if you can dodge the homeless and their laundry. But that just adds to the fun of riding to work. Work is fun!

    I've confused myself by replying. Sorry. If you get what I mean, please tell me what I meant.

    Thanks. Matt in Colorado, in the United States, in America, In North America, between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, on planet earth.
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    Yes rail road right of ways. How slow are these MB's comfortable going, because that's one of the problems, there are a lot of places where walking speed is required....of course one could "disengage" the engine and pedal through those parts I suppose.

    "round here" is Ashtabula county in north eastern Ahia. There are several that the ATV crowd use. Very scenic, and there are some awesome tressles....that's the prob with the MB' have to ride down and back up some pretty steep gorges to go around them. Of course one could just push the bike up the other side, but some are STEEP.

    We have miles and miles of paved bike paths as well that are situated on a couple of the old right of ways, and it is said you can ride them to connecting other right of ways and ride to Iowa.....but they are patrolled buy the Park rangers and so not suitable for MB's.
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    BTW- the 90 is showing up and looks like it will sell (they all do).
    I went riding with one of my daughters onmy big Suzuki, then on our "unmotored" bikes last night for a couple hours and she is thinking that an MB would be fun too......I hope I get top dollar for the 90, may need several of these engines.

    P.S. 'round here the roads consist of approx. 90% paved, very low traffic secondary (or third even) roads. some are a single paved lane with 3' wide dirt berms on either side. Think "English country lanes" with a dirt berm.
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    Well, barring any unforseen circumstances, the 90 has sold.

    Now I can seriously bid on a kit.....then maybe mrs. axman won't feel bad that I am helping out and offering advice because I "don't have an engine yet". :???: :D