WOW... Just WOW! Dude PEDALS an aircraft.

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  2. Made me smile also

    Great !!!
    You should read The book called "Gossamer Odyssey " 1981
    By Morton Grosser its about the first Human powered flight. It is a great read.
    Thanks for the vid
    Brent Merkley
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    Your Grandma was a kamikaze? What are they chanting???

    LOL, That was pretty cool. Too bad it destroyed the plane on them. Hear the pedals(drivetrain) squeeking? Bet it could be even more efficient!
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    that was a great ride in the sky

    made the afternoon right up top the mountain

    thanks for sharing that one !!!

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    Great Video

    See What the Japanese kids are doing while ours are watching American idol and playing X box 360.
    and we wonder why we are loosing our edge !!!
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    a dream of mankind since before the dawn of history

    1981 or so was the first recorded human powered flight, but the myth is two thousand years older

    if you compare the plane's ground speed to the boats, he's cooking!
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    Bump. More people should know that nothing is impossible.

    Impossible is nothing.
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    You couldn't have put it more succinctly. You have hit the nail square on the head.
    It's exactly the same in Australia. I am stunned at how many young people and adults alike are being sucked into the vortex of garbage television; some revolving their lives around this rubbish.
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    Ha ha wow that is awesome 18km! Imagine strapping a 2 stroke bike engine on there!

    Sky's the limit! Or maybe your mind is the limit.
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    Imagine strapping 10 2-stroke bicycle engines to the wing for a Spruce Goose effect :grin5:
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    Just so this video and backstory isn't lost, this video is titled:

    "Human Powered Flight - Birdman Rally 2005 - Coolthrust Crew"

    This video will always have a special place in my heart. :tt1:
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