Wow other people obsessed, but are they trying the methanol too?

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    Hey all, I am Steve i am here for you INFORMATION.
    I did not know that you existed, months of looking for how i can get my bike to turn into a beast.
    I have a 46 cc kit that i have had for 4 years, much use and abuse but still good.
    Here in New Zealand we are allowed to own alcohol stills as long as we dont sell ethanol for human consumption, i have a really good double re-flux still that produces very pure methanol/ethanol.
    I attacked my bike with a condom full of silicon and some valve grind paste, it mated head and cylinder so that it didnt need a gasket any more i continued untill it would run on the head of the still. I had to assemble/dis-assemble 11 times. It runs now just slightly better than it did with petrol.
    Not long now and i will have my new carburetor and exhaust and then i should really get some grunt out of it either that or melt the piston ;)