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  2. Takes all the strain off your spokes. Probably makes the sprocket more true than spoke mount. What the guy dont make off the product he sure makes up for in shipping $22.00 ouch!!!!!
  3. It looks really thick. I would have to see the finished product fully assembled.
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  5. That's really cool. It's obvious there is no strain on the spokes.

    Some issues,yes,but overall... pretty cool.
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    Looking more closely at it...I wonder if the 2 screws going through the 2 halves to make it "clamshell" help in keeping all the other screws to a uniform depth? IE. Same pressure on all spokes.

    It does look thick, but I don't see it getting in the way of anything, and it will add a bit more structure IMHO...

    Maybe in a few weeks I'll give it a shot...I've already spent over $500 on my project bike.

  7. There is no pressure on the spokes. Bolts dont touch the spokes. All the stress is on the hub only.. It clamps to the bicycle hub with the 2 screws clamping the two halves together, then bolts go thru sprocket past spokes into clamshell adapter. If you order it make sure you order the one for your size hub, I believe there are two sizes. And I also think you have to buy "his" sprocket...
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    you can easily drill your own holes
    just use the ring as your guide
    they are pretty easy to install
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    Eh, I'm not going to switch to "non-standard" components. I don't want to marry this guy for any specific parts. I'm not totally convinced that for the price and the parts trade-off that there's enough benefit from the part. Even if you're only turning the hub, you stress the spokes the same amount - that's how the power gets transferred to the way around that except to go to a completely solid wheel.

    So in the end, I think it's mostly "eye-candy" if compared to a stock hub that's been installed with very minimal wobble.

    Just my $0.02... :)
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    I am using these on my bikes and trust me, they work great. It absolutley does remove torque from the spokes. Well worth the money!
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    Alot of folks will relace thier back wheels with heavier gauge spokes (12g), but if you use this part, I think you could get by with smaller ones. Maybe it pays for itself in this way?
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    It allows the stresses to be shared equally by the spokes on both sides of the wheel. If you clamp the sprocket to the spokes, the drive stress is greater on the sprocket-side.
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