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    Things have gotten a bit rude and testy around here lately....I realize a lot of the same questions are being asked over and over by "newbs" but this happens in a lot of forums. This is the only one where it is met with such responses. The multiple repeating questions are part of life when running a website, especially one where there are SO MANY questions for the newbie.

    Such heavy handed responses are a good way to reduce what is (was?) a growing informative community to the little known niche community that it was just months ago.

    Can everybody just take a deep breath and try to not be so annoyed with new folks? (yes, I know once I was annoyed by a certain jeffspeeder, but now since he was banned for being "so annoying" I have corrosponded with him privately and I believe I have helped him to keep on motoring)

    No fun here anymore..... :cry:

    I know this post will either-
    a.) Get me banned, which is O.K. if that's what happens, I'll live and I'll see you around other places....
    b.) Get deleted/locked.
    c.) Get me a verbal spanking via PM. :roll:
    d.) All of the above.

    Just thought I'd voice my opinion, anyone else?


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    thanks for giving me answers to my questions , there should be more people like you :smile:, thats all i needed was abit of help , whats the point of having a forum if people can't post there mind.
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    Joe, I agree. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are A LOT of people trying to get info on these motors who are not computer savy (sp?). Many of these people do not spend large amounts of time on their computer in forums (or anywhere else for that matter). Please try to be patient with these folks, they "just wanna ride". If you can point them in the right direction without biting their head off, that would be nice..............
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    yeah? you guys don't see the private message heavyhanded "DEMANDS" we get for help...and i know of a couple more "newbs" who almost didn't make it here, too. but those guys(wink wink) realized we are doing our best with an overwhelming population explosion, and now they "try" to help...i don't think this is your best effort at "trying" to help tho...
    you really wanna "help" MBc staff? then YOU start insisting that new members use the proper etiquette & follow our posted rules, and you quit criticizing guys who volunteer their time to help people only to be treated like we're obligated to do so.

    rules and policies are a part of forums, i know there'a a lot of newbs here, and our policies are geared to help them along, but it requires actually reading them. we're supposed to go the extra-EXTRA mile for people who treat us like paid whipping posts? hardly :x

    i wouldn't insist on people using the search if i didn't know it works fine...

    btw-thanks for more clutter and stress, next time how about you "spank" the newbie for not following clearly laid out guidelines? it worked with you, it should work with them.
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    sounds like Joe volunteered to answer the same questions over and over
    go for it Joe, but I am not going to do it
    I used to answer them all, then I searched for them and posted results, now I give the search criteria, I don't want to get to the point were I don't want to do even that
    when the same thing gets asked by most new people, the obvious thing to do is look around first
    I like to read new posts not answer same thing 2 or 3 times
    most seem to be install matters... we put a lot of time and effort into our install manual section just to avoid this situation, but nobody seems to want to read it
    I realize people are eager to get started, just like I was but c'mon people be reasonable, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar
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    posted in "introduce yourself" yet? it sure would be nice to "know" who's been PM'ing me with demands for help instead of helping himself a bit. the internet isn't what IT used to be...if anyone here thinks we should bend and sway to your new-on-the-scene-but-i-don't-respect-the-hard-work-you-guys-do-here-now-help-me-this-instant 'tude, then you're thinking wrong...

    people may form a forum with any set of policies they want, then you have the choice to join or not.

    you joined, but obviously didn't take a moment to learn how to help yourself first. fine bit of do you think it was possible for so many major-minds to be gathered in one place? tight rules and content policies keep the place readable & searchable. there are a ton of really cool people here...we insist on coolness, even if we (staff) have to be un-cool to make sure it stays that way.

    you're welcome...would you like my mailing address so you know where to send payment? :p
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    I'll always be glad to answer questions, whether it's here, PM's or e-mails...which I get a lot of.
  8. gone_fishin

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    "MBc EDIT - This post contained content that is listed in the rules as unacceptable."
    anyone else want to volunteer for a red flag? PM me.

    the best way to catch flies is something the new guy wanting help should be pondering...we've done more than our part up to now, do yours too. you say it's "no fun any more?" no kidding.
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    Yes, nothing but trouble ever since. :lol:

    Well, I guess the heat in the kitchen is too much for some so to speak.

    If you don't kick my butt off here, I'll be glad to answer all the repeat questions over and over for as long as it takes to get the message out to the newbies....

    Peace if you let it.
  11. gone_fishin

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    this is gettin' old fast, joe...i know you help a lot of individuals, but how is this helping an already overworked volunteer staff? we're busy trying to keep the place organized & don't usually have the time to personally help people. and...we usually eat a ton of carp in PM before we go public, just like it was with you. as i recall, you were very compliant when your membership was under the gun. we made the "kitchen" for you guys to use, quit "turning up the heat" & asking more & more of us. it's your attitude of disrespect for our effort that will have more negative effect than our firm policies. i notice all you've been doing is quoting and responding to what works for you, how about addressing the volunteer status of the people you're judging so harshly?

    "forcing" a newb to help himself isn't rude or whatever else you called it, it's most likely helping him/her to learn something they should have already learned before taking on a project like a motoredbike.

    the rules are there, before you join. read 'em, then decide if you want to join. if you do join, then expect to be expected to follow 'em.

    again, if you want to know where to send payment, we could probably work something out where guys can kick us once in a while when your bike won't run right. 'til then, practice some gratitude that someone managed to do what noone else was willing to. my "mission statement" declares MBc a "tech manual" first & foremost, our goal is to keep it organized, we do that by implementing policies & sticking to them.

    why do you think it may be becoming difficult to find info here? stuff exactly like this issue is why.

    from that very informative and funny video: "remember, it's always better to post in
    an existing thread than to start a new one." ("ya d*mb*ass" :lol: :lol: i LUV that vid)

    you can have the last word before i lock this. it'll be interesting to see what you have to say about people who've put in free-full-time hours to keep this place going, & maybe you can point out how we could give MORE of ourselves since we're obviously not doing enough for other people already.
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    From the Rules section:

    "Posts that contain insults or other disparaging remarks about another member or a member's level of expertise will be edited and tagged thusly:

    "MBc EDIT - This post contained content that is listed in the rules as unacceptable."

    members are encouraged to call our attention to any examples that may need tagging."

    OK, so I'm a relatively new guy on this forum. I'm also not crazy in tune with forums in general. I kinda understand the frustration someone would have when purchasing one of these Chinese motor kits (buying it with these worthless instructions). If you're not mechanically inclined, you're gunna be a bit pissed with the installation process. You got it half together, now you've run into a snag.....(carb/clutch/sprocket/engine mounting/wiring.....we've all been there) you run to the computer, find a forum and hope to get some answers so you can finish the darn thing. You don't want to spend two hours reading rules and policies, hunting for something that applies, you want some answers so you can get this piece of crap bike together. :x So you skip to the discussion area hoping someone can help you. (the answers you get now will no doubt determine if you will ever visit this forum again :grin: )......I know I'd rather answer the same question 20 times and leave the new guy feeling good about his visit than the alternative. I'm not looking to stir up trouble, just trying to demonstrate that in some cases, a single response can make a huge difference in how a forum is percieved.
  13. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i know how to read stats...anyone who hasn't taken the time to read our policies & "introduce yourself", or use proper posting procedures, and jumps right into making demands for attention isn't sticking around anyway.

    there are too many "intro's" that state "i built my bike by using the info here before i even joined" for us to re-consider policy. we know it works.

    btw-the "d*mb*ss" quote is from the video, i wasn't projecting insults, tho i feel a bit insulted this morning.
  14. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    ok, let's see if we can turn this into something productive:

    when you see a repeat question, existing members can help immensely by posting the LINK to the proper article, NOT by giving a repeat answer....when you do that, you bury the real topics even deeper & further fragment the information.

    then, the new member can pitch in by taking his/her question to the existing topic, thereby keeping the good stuff alive & all together.

    sorry, but i don't think it's asking too much for some help sweeping the place up and putting all the books and tools back where they came from when you're done. i know you wouldn't get far in real-life if you treated people who help you this way. the "tech/mech help" area is a shambles, the "general discussion" area is being clogged with tech-help issues, image- and link-policy infractions are rampant...we're busting hump daily to keep it from getting any worse. every new (& frivolous) topic about the same ole thing just adds to the struggle.
  15. spunout

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    :!: Right on, Augi...theres some excellent ideas.
    when "Carb help" (or whatever) comes up and a member posts the links to that topic as an answer, that should be enough for the fix. If it isnt, then i, personally, dont have a problem addressing the issue to best of my limited :lol: ability.
    that long as some research was done prior to posting an already-done issue.
    great idea.
    Happy :mrgreen:
  16. azbill

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    I agree that it seems only reasonable to ask for a little effort on users part before they jump in
    if you expect us to make an effort, you should be willing to do so yourself
    I volunteer my time here because I enjoy helping others, but it just takes all the fun out of my day when someone wants me to do all the work for them
    if you look around the net, you will find that we are the only motoredbike forum that still gets alot of you think that is because we run a sloppy ship???
    if newbies are showed how to find something it will help more that way

    give a man a fish, he will eat today
    ...teach him how to fish, he will eat everyday (bad paraphrase, but you get my meaning)
  17. irish13

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    cant we all just get along :shock:
  18. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    well, sure we can...a little courtesy towards the volunteers when you come onboard is how to assure that :)
  19. deercrossing

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    search to find

    I seem to be checking this site every day looking for post that keep me moving forward with the motor problems I have or can see I will have in the for seeable future.

    I have no idea of the workings behind this site. Most people who log on have no idea how this site works. Our search is to find help on how to fix the engine. That is really how I found the site. Dax's got tired of my questions too and told me to use the site. He sends a very limited directions to building. Now that I've had a chance to get to know the site I understand how to use the search better and how to "pm" folks for my questions.

    Those who are new are going to ask the same questions. Maybe what should be more important in the introduction to the site is how to use the search and find or something to that and not so much about making rules. If people like me who know little about the webb outside of ebay are introduced to this site on how this site can be best used to benfit their getting help I think that is what would work. If I know I can go to "build your motor kit", thats where I would start. When I came to this site, just figuring out how to become a member was a chore.

    Anyway I hope all this fussing can get worked out. This site has really been a blessing to me. I've striped the engine down to the piston rod!! In no way could I have split the crank case and all without post and one of your young members who has lead me most of the way.

    Thanks to all that make this site go. I can give some hours to helping. Show me how I can help and I'm in. David A.
  20. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    thanks for that...let's let you get more into the community and see how it goes, we're always on the lookout for volunteers...if you're MBc material, it'll show :D

    the "MBc Owner's Manual" has most of the common answers to the repetitive questions about basic "happy time" installs, and it's easily found on the main page.

    from my mission statement, which is several months old:
    some of our rules are rules, about content or our policies, as all forums differ about things like that. but most of the "rules" are mostly not rules but guidlines on how to get around until you figure it on searching are all over the place, but alas they are also buried within the clutter, and the stuff that's prominently placed isn't being read anyway, granted it's by the few, but it's them that stand out, no?