Wrong plug or not?

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  1. I ordered a Ngk R7-hs and the company sent me an alternative as what i wanted was out of stock. They gave me a Ngk BPMR7A. Is this ok or a no go. Not putting it in yet


  2. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    If it will screw in the head without any issues then I wouldn't worry about it
  3. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    screw it in an then turn the engine over very slowly to see if the piston hits the spark plug.
  4. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    if it screws in and doesn't hit the piston then it's usually fine
  5. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    the "p" isnt great, projected tip, but otherwise its fine... they work.

    its always a good idea to research things first...like checking out things like this...


    and then you can see that all that matters is;

    the first letter, which is the thread diameter. B in our case....
    the number, which is the heat range. stick with 5-7 with ngk plugs.
    the letter after the number...anything with an E (or Z on closer inspection?) is bad news for these engines.

    and other than that, everything is pretty well much interchangeable... the P i mentioned, projected tips...can hit pistons. why its a good idea to check for clearance when installing odd ball plugs. i see that K can mean the same thing too... always learning!

    taper seats work but are not ideal, either...

    what is funny is that NGK will not supply a list of all possible plugs they manufacture unless you are a manufacturer! i have asked... i dont see why they cant?

    what they sent you is the stock standard lawnmower/brushcutter plug. perfectly fine.