WTB 99 to 05 Whizzer Bike (Only bike) in CA

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    HI, just sold my other Whizzer and would like to purchase just the bike part (no motor or gas tank) for a daily pedal only riding bike. I really enjoyed riding my Blue 1999 24 inch bike when I had the engine remove, enjoyed the gearing and soft ride so I thought I see if anyone has a 99 thru 2005(?) whizzer bike. I know they were made in China and after talking with Joe in Tai Won he said it would be too expenisve to ship here to US.
    I'm in Redwood City, CA.
    Thanks in advance,
    Robert Faust
    Redwood City, CA

  2. RFaust

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    Just got another email from Joe in Tai Won, and he is getting me the price for a bike only. He indicated the shipping could be expensive but will be putting something together for me. I will post his information here in case anyone else is interested in a complete bike.
    Robert Faust
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    There is a complete, nice 1999 50 miles from me that I was thinking about buying to use the engine. I believe it is a 26" though... they are asking $850 for it.

    It is black.
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