WTB - Bolt for Cleveland Welding Fork

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by MaxGlide, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. MaxGlide

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    Hello all,

    I have a set of Cleveland Welding, pre-war, Shockmaster forks and I am missing the bolt that affixes the lower fork arm to the upper part of the fork. It 's half threaded and half, bushing with a hole in the end for a cotter pin.

    Any ideas on who might have one?

    Here is the pic of the bolt and where it goes.

    Thanks..... Wayne

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  2. Elmo

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    Any competent machinest can make one for you. Try your local machine shop.
    Yellowpages. Very interesting fork.
  3. MaxGlide

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    Machinist and option

    Thanks Elmo,

    I have an excellent machinist here..... problem is to custom make on is about $120 plus chroming it I want.

    However, he and I came up with a cost effective solution.

    He is going to take a 3/4 inch shoulder bolt and machine down the thread to a 3/8 with proper pitch and I can chrome or paint it.

  4. Foximus

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  5. MaxGlide

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    Great site!!

    Thanks Foximus,

    That is a great site and I can ALMOST get what need.

    The only dimension I cannot get seems to be length of the shoulder, which I need to be .625 of an inch. Everything they offer is over one inch long. Otherwise it was good.

  6. Foximus

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    You looked in hex heads. Look under allen heads.

    Here is a part number for one with a 5/8" (0.625") shoulder length, at 1/2 shoulder diameter and 3/8" - 16 thread.

    That is for 3-18 stainless... you can also buy higher grade 316 and 416 stainless, but double the price.
  7. Foximus

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    And yes... that is a GREAT site. I cannot express how awesome it is. You can find anything you will ever need ever ever ever to build anything.
  8. MaxGlide

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    Thanks again...

    Yes I saw the allen head but the original one I have is hex and I would like to keep to the original as much as possible.

    I can always get a longer bolt and have a machinist cut it down and cut the threads to spec.

    Cheers..... Wayne
  9. Al.Fisherman

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    Make one...Buy bolt and drill hole if needed, And Lowes has a wide assortment of bushings. If no luck a auto starter repair shop has a mega amount of bushings of all sizes.
  10. MaxGlide

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    Found a solution

    Hi Al,

    I will simply get a shoulder bolt from Home Depot with a 3/4 inch hex head and have a machinist rethread it to the proper size and drill a hole in the end.

    Thanks... Wayne