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    I only need like 3 links of 415 chain for the 80cc chinese motor. can anybody help me out I would paypal like 5$


    ELBEEFO New Member

    does nobody have a couple extra links to spare???
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    where are you located? Ive got extra chain.

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    . I think I might have figured out a solution, thank you though.
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    Was your solution a smaller sprocket, moveed the chain tentioner, let us know so other folks could hear how you solved it thanks.

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    ok well i have a 44 tooth sprocket and a 36 tooth. the thing is there isn't enough chain with the 44 tooth because i removed some for the 36 tooth. but when i bought the 36 tooth it didn't come with mounting brackets and the ones i had didn't fit. So i think I'm going to just redrill the holes on 36 tooth so it will work.
  7. or you could go to walmart and buy 3/8" chain for a cruiser bike which is the same size as #415 for $7 and you could take the links off of that,also comes with master link. walmart also has a chain breaker with master link for $5
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    the walmart bmx chain is NOT 415!

    I have just built a bike with a 415 chain, and will send you some links if you PM me. I'll save them just for you.

    I'll only ask for you to send the postage amount if its over $5.
    (if you're in US, its probably $1)

    I tried the Walmart BMX chain on it, and it worked on the engine cog, but was very tight fit on the wheel cog. It is definitely NOT the same! The difference is longer pins. You can see the spaces between the side links and the rollers.

    Mine came with the grubee kit. I have 5 links counting the inside plate as a link.
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