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    Tnx for reading !

    I'd like to buy a 50's Elgin bicycle frame.
    Don't require wheels/fork/seat/crank... none of that stuff.

    My only requirement is that it not be bent or have rust that would affect integrity/strength.

    Pls send me a pic?


  2. KilroyCD

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    Rc, I'm afraid that a 1950's vintage Elgin frame doesn't exist, as the Elgin brand was replaced by JC Higgins in 1946. Like JC Higgins, Elgin was the Sears bicycle brand. Would you then be looking for a 1930s or early 40s Elgin, or a 1950s JC Higgins?
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    Tnx Kilroy !

    Shows what I know. LoL

    I'm on my third go-around with bicycles... last time was when our sons were younger. I guess it worked, then... two are active bike riders, and two are active in motorcycles, today.

    I'm getting back into the bikes myself, now.

    I've been looking at pictures of bikes trying to find what my favorite cruiser was, when I was a kid. Bought it at a police auction, and it was thrashed!
    I immediately stripped the fenders and chainguard from it, and recall cutting loose truss rods from the front forks as unnecesary. The tubes connecting to the steering head were well molded, and not held by means of any sort of bracket. (I can recall this from when I painted it and was very pleased with the nice lines of the framework, once painted.)
    I do not remember if it had two upper bars, yet I remember the top bar was rather sloping, because it was very awkward to carry a passenger on the bar because he continuously slid down towards the seat making it very difficult to pedal. It did have a large stuffed seat with rear springs, which I kept even though it was definitely not racey-looking. I replaced the front chainring when I found a skip-tooth ring on a junk bike frame, so it did not come with a skip-tooth.
    Earlier I had thought it might have been a Columbia, or Westfield??? but a pic of an Elgin I've seen recently is closest to what I recall.
    It had 26" balloon tires, which caused me a great deal of grief. I don't know that anyone has ever put so many patches on tubes, or boots in tires!
    It was some time before I was able to purchase new tires for it.

    I would suspect, by it's condition, it was built new in the early 50's or late 40's.

    Is there some favorite source for viewing bikes of the domestic manufacturers? Under the rust and grime, it was a red oxide color with perhaps a bit of cream, or white detail.

  4. KilroyCD

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    It could well have been any of the three you mentioned, as Columbia was made by Westfield, and many Elgins were made by Columbia/Westfield. Both of my '36 Elgins were built by Columbia/Westfield. You could have found the same frame style wearing Elgin, Westfield or Columbia badges. All three will be a great choice for a good heavy-duty frame to turn into a motorized bike. In fact, my first motorized bike was built on a '46 Columbia frame (see attached pic). Many JC Higgins bikes were built using the same frame, and those are relatively easy to find. You may want to have a look on eBay for one.

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  5. rustycase

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    Gosh, that 46 is very nice, Kilroy!
    And it's very close to what I'm looking for.

    I'm really enjoying looking at the old bike pics! ...and thinking that perhaps I should just fab a frame, because I do intend to axe the frame to set a china motor lower.
    Probably not gud to axe a good old frame...

    Have a look at the vintagent website, it's neato!