WTB Evinrude Bicycle engine

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by JKent00, Dec 6, 2015.

  1. JKent00

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    New to the forum
    I found a 1938 Roadmaster Motor Master bicycle.
    The only thing I am missing at this point is the Engine and Rear chain drive sprocket.
    Originally this bike came with a single cylinder 2 cycle 1.4 hp. Evinrude engine.
    This engine was only produced for 2 years. So I know it will be dang near impossible to locate.
    But it's not gonna fall in my lap. So I thought I would put it out there. Any condition and Funds available immediately.

    Now on a side note I am willing to buy ANY Small ANTIQUE engine I can find just to get the bicycle on the road.
    Also in any condition, as long as it is build able.

    I just raelly want to get this bike going.
    I have even thought about converting a hit and miss to put on it for now but I would much rather find someething better fitting.

    here is an original add of the bicycle.
    Any Help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks JKent

  2. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen one of those for sale in a pretty long time. swap meets will be your best bet, they barely exist in online sales.
  3. JKent00

    JKent00 New Member

    For right now I'm looking for any small 1.5 hp to a 4 hp antique gas engine that would work in a bicycle application.
  4. 45u

    45u Active Member

    What a great bike. If at all possible I would try to find the original motor to keep it all stock. I restore many a old motorcycle and I am all about stock. Best of luck and thanks for sharing.