WTB: Honda Z50/CT70/CT90/CT110 engine (Australia)

G'day y'all from the very deep south.

I'm looking for a horizontal cylinder Honda minibike engine in Australia, could be from any one of the following models:

CT110 (Aus Postie bike)

Must be a runner or darn close to it, no basket cases, no locked-up/wrecked or worn out cyl/piston/crank/clutch/gearbox.

Prefer it to have as much to make it go as possible- coil & plug wire, carb, etc. I can sort out the kill switchgear if missing, but wiring diagrams (or links to them on the web) will be needed. I expect to fab up an exhaust, but it'd be nice to get the first few inches of the exhaust pipe, with exhaust flange.

Could also be interested in an entire bike, perhaps a wreck, but I'd like to avoid stuff which has been left out in the rain for a few years.

Yeah, I know, I don't want much. :D

I have a big ugly old yoot and can collect motors or complete bikes if within ~160km of the Blue Mountains of NSW. Otherwise, the engine must be sensibly packed up and shipping (at my expense, of course) will have to be organised.

If you have or know of such old Honda stuff, kindly post a reply here and the forum will notify me by email.

Also interested in sources for new Chinese copies of these popular engines.

Thanks muchly. :)

eBay australia lists several Lifan clones and used bikes. ( I have two of the Lifan 110cc horizontal clones and they are quite impressive. 12volt systems with CDI, good lighting coils, one with electric start)

Edit: sorry, on second look, its all new pitbikes not used bikes.
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One of my clones came with everything needed, including carb , coil, and electrical harness. One was bare, without any of the extras (I had to order stuff from DrATV to complete the job, sort of lost my good ebay savings with that one), so make sure you know what you're getting when you bid.
good pointer mickey- found a brand-new Lifan 70cc listed at a buy-it-now price of $220, seems to include carby (pictured with one, doesn't say carby not included). I guess that establishes the top price for a new engine, 2nd-hand stuff ought to be a good bit cheaper.

Thanks again. :)
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70cc Lifan (new) on ebay now
for $199 +50 postage ($AU).
Comes complete with a gear lever, kick starter & carburetor +pod filter.
They are 4speed manual transmission, so a clutch is required.
I am tempted, but width may be an issue ..
But i'm still tempted!!


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Check the weight about 40+ lbs or about 18 kilos 2.2 pounds per kilo.
Kind of heavy for a bicycle frame
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good one, Justin, thanks. :)

Even if these things weigh 18kg (39.6lb), having the motor, clutch and gearbox as an integrated unit will generally be more robust than trying to do it all with separate bits, as I did on my TourSleazy bike project. Might even be lighter. I'm betting that a crafty person could machine off or otherwise remove extraneous weight from these engine/drive units. You'd almost certainly be bunging together a custom frame if doing a motor bicycle with one of these, though- it won't be as simple as clipping a kit motor in.