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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Buzz Bomb, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Buzz Bomb

    Buzz Bomb Member

    I have a newer Whizzer motor kit that I want to put in a prewar frame, and I want to preserve the prewar look of the bike as much as possible. The engine itself isn't too different, but things like the modern twist grips and controls don't really work with what I'm trying to do. Anyone have a stockpile of '40s parts? twist grips, thumb controls, etc. I also need the complete frame to engine mounts. Anyone who can help please let me know. :D

  2. KilroyCD

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    Quenton might be able to help you with some of your needs. Also, you might want to take a loook at the Whizzer parts listing at Memory Lane Classics: http://www.memorylane-classics.com/
  3. Buzz Bomb

    Buzz Bomb Member

    Hey thanks for the tip. I already talked to Harv. I'm looking for weathered stuff to match the rest of the bike though, instead of newly minted shiny.
  4. Parts

    Hey Buzz, if Quenton does not have the parts that you need, I do know that Ron Hoak in Yorba Linda does, tell him I sent you,

  5. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Buzz Bomb,
    Email me at quincy163@yahoo.com and I will help you aquire the "seasoned" parts you are looking for. I can also detail how to use a "vintage" carburetor or hook up the current carburetor to "vintage" controls.

    Have fun,
  6. Buzz Bomb

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    I called but there wasn't any answer. I'll keep trying.

    Quenton, YGM