WTB - Nice OCC Chopper Forks/handle bars

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Hawaii_Ed, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Hawaii_Ed

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    Like above, looking for something in good shape, not rusty. Also need rear fender.



  2. eltatertoto

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    hey ive got a set of the original dragbars. i think they have a hole in it for the throttle dowell thingy, and they may be a bit scratched but no rust. i might have a rear fender, im not sure. i also have the bigger frame from the electric stingray, its got no scratches whatsoever. no forks though.
  3. Hawaii_Ed

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    Thanks! Just LMK :)

  4. eltatertoto

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    if i can find the bars ill take some pics. ill try to get some pics of the frame too. i think the fender is still on it. the fender doesnt match the paint of the occ, i think it has the lightning bolts on it.

    here is a vid from a while agao, before my voice cracked lol:grin5:

    save youself some time and just skip to 5:15 lol


    edit, watching the vid the fender i have is chrome
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  5. graucho

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  6. eltatertoto

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    nice find graucho! i might get me a pair of those if i decide to not sell my s-ray.
  7. Hawaii_Ed

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    I agree, the availability is concerning, but thanks!
  8. eltatertoto

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