WTB = Replica Board Track Racers - Pre-1930 Used/New

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    Hello everyone.

    If by chance someone has either a new or used Board Track Racer that you want to part with, please let me know. I'm especially interested in H-D but will also consider Indian or anything else from that era. I can't afford original's but replica's will make me happy enough...

    It could be a win/win for both of us because you can possibly start another project, and your creation would fine a home that would appreciate it. I never built one before but since I'm retired, I'm look to dig into all of this...

    Also, if anyone knows of any company that makes and sells them, I'd love to get their web address..

    Lastly if someone wants to maybe trade, I have like 8.000+ live concerts from the 60's to about 90. They are all on analog or video tapes, and got my collection back in the 1980's. I pretty much stopped when I got back from my deployment the Middle East... Or I have a 1970's Bradley GT 2 I'm willing to part with. It has the Gull Wing Doors and it was from the mid-70's, and about 6 years before Delorean released his car in 81. It is nice but needs a new engine block.

    If you have anything, please let me know. All the best to everyone and their families...

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