WTB: Velosolex Parts and a pair of saddlebags.

Hello, I know I am new to this forum and all which may scare a few people that may not deal with me because I am so new. I have Heatware under andrew1990 and have been buying and selling computer parts on anandtech for the last 5 months or so with 0 negative feedback.

Since that is out of the way, let me get to the point. I am looking for the following parts for my 1976 Velosolex S4600.

6v Round Sealed beam Light (GE 4667-2)
Light/Horn Switch
Other small parts if you have any.

I am also looking for a pair of Saddle bags for my bike, preferbly yellow or white in color but would also accept black.

Like I said, Heatware is under andrew1990. I live in IL 60950 if you need to figure out shipping estimates.