WTB: Whizzer Wheel sheave/pulley.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Saabsonettguy, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. I'm looking for a used whizzer or similar rear drive v-belt sheave with hardware. Rusty or painted finish preferred over chrome.


  2. scrollerguy

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    rear wheel sheave

    :???: Hello, the old vintage motorbike project uses another rim the same size welded to the rear wheel. That is how I did mine and it works great!

    Just a thought.

  3. A pulley that large won't fit between my frame. A Whizzer pulley mounts where there is a bit more clearance. I would rather not have to cut a huge notch in an 80ish year old frame. I still could use one by the way, the only new ones I can find seem to all be chrome plated. I have stuff to trade if needed.
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    I wish I could help you out there,but both the ones I have are stainless.They look just like chrome,but paint will never stick to them.You could have some one power coat one maybe.No telling how long that would last though.
    You could use a smaller rim with steel straps bolted to your rim.Thats basicly how the old motorcycle's did it.Thats alot or work to get centered,and spaced right
  5. Is that jurassic racing's bike? They have some of the coolest vintage motorcycle stuff. That frame in the pic is exactly what I'm trying to avoid. I've tried using bicycle rims but they're wide and not well suited for the job, plus I can easily swap the whizzer pulley when I get new wheels. Time is no issue, I figure all else fails I can find a rusty old sheave on ebay someday.
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    That sure is one of his bikes,and it was for sale a couple of months ago.You can use a smaller say 20 " or even 16" rim,and get the same thing done.Even use a fat wide belt they look so cool.You just have to find the right size to fit the frame,and make the tabs to hold it on.
    The last 2 whizzer sheaves I bought cost me over 50 bucks,and then you have to spend about another 14 dollars for the hardware.The older whizzer sheaves also take a centering jig to mount.They also don't stay on all that great.Theres a small tab,and a thick flat washer thats holds it in place.The newer ones are mounted alot better,but are stainless.It locks every 2 spokes to the sheave.It uses a much better flat clip,and clamps the spokes down to the sheave. I've mounted several with no jig,and only one was 1/8 off center.I used a yardstick(metal) to check it gave it a small adj.,and retightened it. Rod
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    The price of these went up considerably since the start of this tread. Doe's anybody know where and how much $ v-belt rear wheel sheaves are now ?
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    $25 shipping

    I have something planned with one of MotoredBikes members to pick one up used. Just have to wait a couple weeks. But thanks for lookin out. Never know, somethin may go sour. Thanks again , I'm always up for a better price than $55 or more to my door if I can get it. A little to much for a hoop of shaped sheet metal.