Wtf is this thing

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by kidgambit, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. kidgambit

    kidgambit New Member

    I seen some riding around my town and i want to make one but i got some build questions. If u made one or know a link to see some more details on one please post.


  2. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Um looks like the back end of a pocket bike attached to a BMX in place of the rear tyre.
  3. Ludwig II

    Ludwig II Member

    I think the tank is the sort on gopeds/petrol scooters, and the engine etc is likely to be that as well. If that is important. It means though that the parts are easily availble from dealers.
  4. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    Home built Go-Ped scooter rear mounted in a 20" BMX type bike. Looks like it is ready to break anytime , at the axle. I'll pass !!
  5. kidgambit

    kidgambit New Member

    I want to make one. And i need some help. like what kind of scooter to use and did u have to modify the bike frame and etc
  6. Ludwig II

    Ludwig II Member

    I think if you want to make one, you do need some help.
  7. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    Yup, that's your standard BMX/pocketbike Frankenstein thingo.Either motorize a BMX or get a Zooma, that thing is dangerous!!The pedals will hit, at speed that will be like pole vaulting on asphalt, the bracket will break, if you have good balance you may survive it with road rash, not to mention the cops.
    If you want stupid thrills look at a motorized all-terrain skateboard, I saw one searching for engines, 49cc's strapped to your feet, absolute madness!!
  8. kidgambit

    kidgambit New Member

    I live in a small apartment and in the city and wanted something fun to ride around my neighborhood. people in my hood have gas scooters and mini bikes a motorized bicycle, i want something different that wont take up to much space
  9. grinningremlin

    grinningremlin Active Member

    If you have the $$, the motorized skateboard is as different as it gets,nice and small, and I bet it hauls too.Type "50cc 4 stroke" into ebay and a scooter that looks like a goped with a seat, and I'm sure with less than a 10mi radius it'd be great.Or find an old BMX or schwinn (the ones with the banana seats work great) and build a friction drive. Good luck.
  10. Ludwig II

    Ludwig II Member

    The only comment I have to make is that in Britain, any sort of fuel, lpg or liquid of any sort, that caries a vapour explosion risk is illegal in multi storey dwellings. See if you can find pictures of a place called Ronan Point. Lpg bottle leaked, something ignited the mix, people died as the pack of cards collapsed on them.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket, but these things are important.
  11. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Looks like a death trap to me!!!
  12. Robie Osborne

    Robie Osborne New Member

    It's a monster! And it looks like it's gonna break. Don't know why they didn't just leave the go-ped and bike separate things lol.
  13. Sgt. Howard

    Sgt. Howard Member

    This is what happens when your weedwacker has a sordid affair with your kid's BMX bicycle- should have been aborted in the first trimester. Not to worry, the offspring is sterile and has a tendency to become Darwinistic anyway... but that is not good news for the rider...
  14. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    I'd be willing to try it once if I was in full gear and had a predetermined track plotted out with pillows all along either side and some EMTs were on-site. That thing looks full on trailer park special.
  15. powerstroke

    powerstroke Member

    Haha, what a weird looking bike.