WTH! @_@ -Peddling bike makes engine emit strange noise.

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    So, I made my attempt at mounting my rear 36t sprocket to my Schwinn Delmar following the horrible assembly guide sent to me by the distributor. And it's made a weird problem.

    I finished everything up, flipped over the bike and tried to "Peddle" the bike by hand to make sure the rear tire would go smoothly.

    It wouldn't. (SURPRISE!)

    Instead, the rear tire only moves in "Jerks", and at the end of each of these jerks the muffler emits a "PUT" sound. As if the engine was trying to start or something...

    I've included some pictures of my rear hub and sprocket. I'm 150% sure I did something wrong in that area. Will someone help me figure out what's going on?

    Please be gentle with me, I'm a newb with a black and white photo copied guide with nearly no pictures on it. I've spent nearly 20 hours straight constantly met with failure and only a tin of Altoids to keep me sane.

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  2. nsideus

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    if the wheel spins freely without the engine connected then the clutch is engaged or needs adjustment.
  3. DetonatorTuning

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    i may be all wrong but i'm asuming you have a HT engine?

    if that's so, go over to the left side of the bike and pull in the clutch, then try to pedal by hand again. should be smooth and free.

    to start and ride with this setup you have to pull in the clutch ,pedal up to speed and release the clutch.

    the jerking you are experiencing now is because you are turning the engine thru compression strokes and it's attempting to start.

    keep at it, you're almost done.

  4. bluegoatwoods

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    Yup, it sounds like it's acting exactly the way it's supposed to. When you were pedaling it the engine was turning over. With the clutch handle pulled in you should be able to pedal normally.

    In one or two of those photos I thought I saw gaps in the rubber mounts that would seem to suggest you ought to tighten those spots more. And in one place the edge of one steel backing plate was overlapping the edge of the next one. I'd loosen things up a bit, slip and slide them back into place with no overlap and tighten securely. I don't know if this is drastically important, but it seems like a good idea. The drive will put stress on that one part of your wheel. Probably a good idea to make it as neat and clean as possible.

    Good photos, by the way.
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Are you pulling the clutch lever in when you are peddling?

    The clutch friction plate is stuck

    take the chain off

    Take a flat screw driver and carefully pry on the teeth
    of the front 10 tooth sprocket to turn it

    Use the boss on the bottom as a pivot point for
    your screw driver

    The sprocket will break free

    I had to do this on all the Raw motors I sold as their
    clutch pads are very uneven and they came locked up

    Grubee motors spin freely right out of the box and their
    clutch pad are even and of a better material
    Grubee's are also test run in the factory

    take the cover off the clutch (right) side and you
    will see the presure plate move out when you pull
    the clutch
    Also grease between the gears with thick grease
    Don't use too much or too thin a grease as it will get
    on your dry clutch pads

    If that doesn't work you will need to adjust the clutch
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  6. Pablo

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    It's rather important that you understand this when starting and riding your bike.

    As the others have stated, it should turn - either with the clutch disengaging the engine (easy) or the engine itself "turning over". (Attempting to start).

    Sounds like you are doing things correctly. Maybe cut back on the Altoids.  :jester:
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  7. Rainsawck!

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    Thank you guys so much for the help, turns out it was fine, the clutch was not tight enough to pop the gear train up while it was engaged.

    Thanks so much, almost ready to try this thing out...
  8. toddjlyons

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    Hey, don't forget to secure your coaster brake! It's loose in one of the pictures! TJ