wuts with all the fuel lines?



ok. let me start by saying that im sorry for not being on the past 3 days. friday and sat i was working on da bike, and last night and today till 20 min agao fargon comcast un hooked me when they did a new install, cause the line wasnt labled. so i had no internets for 2 days. but thats a whole different story. my question, is why is there 2 fuel lines on the carb, (that dont go anywhere) and 1 open inlet for the gas tank? and wut do they go to? thanks guys! good to be back! i would look, but doing a quick search i couldnt find anything, and i got a few vids to put on u tube.
1= vent 1=overflow. but do i have to leave them to flop, or can i zip tie em?