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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by happycheapskate, Apr 14, 2011.

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    I was told to start a new thread in the Tires section due to another thread being old and the user/member Airfreetires not responding since 2009.

    In short, there are several users of "foam tires" or polyurethane non-pneumatic tires on their MB's and bicycles.

    There is a company called that is apparently still in business, but does not answer telephone calls, make call backs by computer-assigned appt. dates, nor respond to Paypal complaints about unreceived merchandise.

    This thread is specifically about the website and the tires they have sold. This is not in Vendor section because I am not a vendor and can't speak for AFT. They wouldn't like what I said anyway. I ordered 2 tires and it took months to get them, and I like the tires but am angry at the company.

    If you are a vendor or representative of Airfree Tires, please contact a moderator so you can start or join the appropriate thread without being accused of spam.

    If you are a vendor, representative, or fan of another airless tire, please start or join an appropriate thread. Thanks!

  2. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    I have test ridden the Nu-Tech "90 PSI" Teton Legacy 26" x2.0 tires, and so far I like them. They feel pretty good on the street, and are not heavy compared to the stock Kenda 2.1 knobbies that came on the bike. They are not "mushy" but feel slow in the grass, perhaps due to their low profile and not absorbing the bumps as much. I wouldn't jump off anything with these or do aggressive mtb riding, but they fit securely and corner ok. I suppose if you were using road tires anyway you might like these on your MB especially if you ride on smooth roads or have shocks. The website said I would need the $20 axle-mounted lever bar to install them, but I got them installed ok with the free paddle lever and some soapy water. I used some zip ties to keep it in place till I got started with the tire lever, and then worked the bead into the rim by hand and by sitting on the tire. After the mold grease wore off (less than 2 miles through sidewalk and grass), the tires gripped pretty well.
    The price is pretty high but now my wife is more interested in cycling, so it was worth the price.
  3. DuctTapedGoat

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    I'm glad you finally were able to take the plunge into solid tires - definitely a worthwhile investment.
  4. Bob the boatbuilder

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    Although not about specifically, I feel this is a good place to express similar concern.

    I ordered a set of tires from a like company Nu-Teck, the process was long, but the tires finally arrived. My first concern was that despite ordering the special installation tool, I easily slipped the tires on with two fingers. I tested the tires to find the rear felt unsafe, almost coming off the rim and removed the tires and sent them back. I could easily pull the tire off the rim at least 1/2" and felt they were unsafe at any speed.

    When ordering, I contacted the company with the exact make and model rim (sun Rhino lite 48 hole tandem rim) and measured correctly.

    Although these tires were not appropriate for me I hope that other tires would be a better fit and use. The idea of riding flat free is fantastic.

    Now, will I get my money back? They say 3-4 weeks for returns. Time will tell how up and up this company is.

    Bob C.
  5. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Hi Bob, thanks for joining us. I can understand your frustration. Yes, we are interested in your experience with Nu Tech, but please see the thread I am starting for your issue with nu teck, for the company you ordered from so readers are not confused. There are some very serious complaints against a particular vendor, and this thread follows a couple that were closed, to condense those threads and continue tracking how Airfreetires treats the MB community, and how their tire selection works on our bikes and mbs.

    The Nu techs I got from Airfreetires (after giving up in frustration and filing on them with Paypal) fit my rims perfectly, on the rims I ordered the tires for. I think nu-teck /nu tech sells directly via mfgr. homepage, similar to Amerityre, but I didn't order directly because I'd heard about severe delays and people not getting their tires. I filed complaint on Airfreetires because I got no reciept by any form electronic or mailed, and they answered no calls, sent no shipping info, and yet my card was billed immediately.

    If your rim and tire do not match, it is either the fault of the order-taking representative or data system, or an error made because the rim maker may offer several rim widths in that brand or style. I hope you get the correct ones so we can read your thread and decide if we should purchase similar products.
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  6. happycheapskate

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  7. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    I'll never be convinced that solid tires give a bike better performance or a better ride than air inflated tires. They've been trying for a 100 years on cars and havn't succeeded yet.
  8. Bob the boatbuilder

    Bob the boatbuilder New Member


    It does seem to good to be true. I am willing to sacrifice some ride having a full suspension bike for the convenience of no flats. I wonder why it is always the rear tire. Just my luck.
  9. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    re: rear tire. It is one of the mysteries of life.

    I have a full suspension mountain bike and plan to swap the wheels with the foam tires onto it to try them out offroad.

    re: 100 years. See the new Tweels coming out now (combination 2 piece wheels with rubber tires, or molded rubber tires on dedicated wheels). Some look like they would be great for commuting or high speed interstate travel in light cars. Some have been used with great success on heavy equipment machinery (think huge bucketloaders, backhoes, etc)

  10. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    bump. I have tried the Nutech "raptor 2.00" 26" tires on a friction drive bike for a couple days. They do not seem to be ideal for friction drive, without a large band for traction. I expect when the tread pattern wears down to a flatter section, they will work better.

    I have tried the Ameritires BMX type tread on a mtn bike and think they are great. I would recommend these (either type) for a chain driven bike, pedal or motor.
  11. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    Did you ever get your money back, or an exchange? Do you still have the tires?

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