X2 CVT - 10 tooth sprocket?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by kallsop, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. kallsop

    kallsop Member

    Anyone know if/where to buy a 10 tooth / 6 spline sprocket for the X2 CVT? For reference, here is an 11 tooth:


    I am looking to convert my friction drive to X2 CVT chain drive and the 11 tooth is just too big to work with my 56T sprocket + manic mechanic hub adapter. If I have to, I'll buy a bigger rear sprocket.

  2. dchevygod

    dchevygod Member

    If you do find one let me know! Ive been looking for the same thing! I need to regear for hilly terrain. I'm running 11:44 right now and the gearing is too tall for steep hills. I'd put on a 54t but my axle mount is in the way :(
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  3. kallsop

    kallsop Member

    I am still deciding what I need to make the changes on my bike. It is currently a rear friction drive and it wears out tires fast and is not very good on wet roads. The X2 has a ratio range of about 3.2:1 to 7:1. I already have a 56T rear on a manic mechanic hub adapter, and 11T CVT sprocket will be a bit too much for the Honda GX35. Another possibility is to also add a jackshaft with a freewheel, but the added weight and complexity is more than I want. Or just put a 5:1 gearbox on it (thatsdax).
  4. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    A veritable reduction system depends a lot on the weight being moved and the hills encountered. For the Honda to be able to move a total weight of 350 lbs up a 20%+ grade hill you'll need a low end reduction of 48:1. My set up on my automatic bike is 48:1 to 18.5:1
  5. kallsop

    kallsop Member

    I am about 200 lbs., bike total weight maybe 50 lbs. With a 10T CVT and 56T wheel, CVT range from 3.2:1 to 7:1, overall ratio is then 17.92 : 39.2. That should be good for my needs, I don't have to completely eliminate pedaling up hills.

    With 11T CVT, ratio range is 16.3 : 35.6 which I think will be too much for the GX35. I have other engines too (TLE43, 50cc Honda clones with/without generator, high output 2 stroke, 79cc Harbor Freight, ...) but want to get use out of the GX35 and it's not good for much with a single ratio drive (friction roller or fixed gearbox).
  6. kallsop

    kallsop Member

    This looks close, but are the splines with the X2 CVT drive shaft?

  7. LR Jerry

    LR Jerry Well-Known Member

    Yes I agree with the smaller engines you must have a varying reduction if you have steep hills to contend with.
  8. dchevygod

    dchevygod Member

    That does look right. Wow that's an expensive 10t! And shipping from Europe will make it even worse. Thanks for finding it though. At least I know they exist.
  9. vhdfjjk

    vhdfjjk New Member

    Yes I agree with the smaller engines you must have a varying reduction if you have steep hills to contend with.

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  10. Mr.Don

    Mr.Don New Member

    I know a fellow who actually put a 4 cycle 50cc Honda dirt bike motor on his bicycle! The motor is stamped 49cc and, being from a child's dirt bike, has an automatic gearbox and no clutch. Just what the DMV needs. He put it on a small size "sting Ray" bicycle, had to do some welding and such to keep the pedals (gotta keep it legal) and he removed the motor's kick starter. Pedal a bit and the motor kicks in. He keeps the kick starter in his pocket in case he needs it. He can actually ride in traffic! He had to modify the rear wheel as the motor kept snapping the spokes.