CVT X2 CVT Rebuilt, How to Inspect?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Mike St, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Mike St

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    I purchased an X2 CVT from and it appears to be a rebuilt item, no mention of this on their site. I opened the cover, and it looked good,
    new belt, but I am wondering if I should open the gear box on the other side.
    Does anyone know about this? Would the box be lubed with grease, oil? Don't know what to look for, how to inspect the gears. Any advice on inspecting the gear box?

    The company's emails don't go through. It appears they can only be contacted by phone.

  2. Happy Valley

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    Curious why you think it's rebuilt? In a sense it wouldn't surprise me, no reflection on the dealer you bought it from, I don't know them, but just that these things are getting scarce, pretty much been phased out as far as I can tell.

    You can remove the 5 bolts on the gearbox and split that case if you want to. I'd say at least half of these that I've seen or heard about have come through dry. I use 30wt HD motor oil in mine in a northern climate but some guys in hot climates I've heard from use heavier gear oils. Not sure how you plan on mounting it but the oil will run out if the vented plug is not on top. There are ways around that, however.

    I've got a ton on links and info on my other computer concerning this model CVT and the mods and preventative maintenance that can be done to them to make them last. I don't know how much of that you want to get into, some guys recommend modding them before you even use them new, but if interested shoot me a PM and I'll send that to you when I get home.
  3. Mike St

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    The cvt looks used because the cover is all scratched up and the outside sprocket looks grundgy. Definitely not new.
  4. Mike St

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    Good thing you told me about the oil as I loosened the oil fill bolt and found the cvt has no oil in it, totally dry. I'll fill it with a good gear oil. and install it with the fill hole side up, cvt horizontally, so no oil leaks out. Thanks Mike.
  5. alekor

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    I bought such CVT (2 times, only on other sites) and the cover too was all in scratches. The case was places in scratches too. It is normal. The seller so "well" stores spare parts.
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