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    Thinking of buying this XYZ bike, and putting a Grubee 66cc kit on it. What do ya'll think, looks to me like it would be a good fit ? Anyone had experience with these cruisers ?

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    or would I be better off buying the Huffy Cranbrook, or Schwinn Del Mar, both of which are $100 @ wal mart as is the XYZ Bike.........................................
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    First of all I feel this is in the wrong forum. Don't be surprised if you find it moved. I've never heard of a XYZ bike which is not surprising as I've just gotten into bikes this past year (I just had to GOOGLE it up a minute ago, nice looking)...some time has passed...47 years since I rode a bike.
    I've built two cruisers (out of 5 builds), one (old Huffy) I picked up at a thrift shop for $20.00 and a Cranbrook from China Mart for less then $100.00 for a friend. Both turned out nice, although there are some things that need to be addressed when building. Mounting and placement of motor. The cruisers tend to let the engine ride low in the frame and have issues with the chain guard. I made a custom mount for the second...very easy and can be seen in my pictures. Second, my recommendation is to NEVER drill a frame, although some do and have no problems, I did and the frame cracked in two with a 135# rider ,(there are vendors that sell a mount similar to the one I made) before break in. With the twin tubes under the horizontal makes for a good place to mount the CDI and a boost bottle, which I also made myself. Do remember tho if you buy from China Mart, take the bike off the rack, turn upside down and check the wheels by spinning. Doing this you are seeing which wheels are tuned the best and makes tweaking much easier. Another issue was that the wheel sprocket hole is smaller then the dust cap. Some people tend to modify the dust cap, I modified the sprocket leaving the cap intact and the integrity of it not compromised. I also made a video of how I did it and posted it on YouTube.
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