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  1. I posted on riquimbilly and figured I would share with you also

    > I am building a Lotus 7 type sports-car from scratch and grabbing at anything to keep from addressing the wiring mess Therefor I resurrected my Monarch bike with fresh cables and a change from 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 hp. Harbor Freight Tool Chinese engine. It drives through a bike hub Sturmey-Archer 3-speed tranny as a jackshaft. It has a Lambretta scooter carb and straight pipe formerly part of a trampoline. There is a Hodaka Ace 90 chrome fuel tank on it. The seat is 2" wide from an exercise machine. It is pretty rough riding with a rigid fork and no seat springs. Today I decided to use a spring fork I designed some time ago. It is a Schwinn blade fork backward with links pivoting to a 2nd fork on which a couple large valve springs cushion it's upward travel through a 1/4" thick 2-hole plate fastened to the rear and allowing the movement in the front hole. I used 4 shoulder bolts for pivots. It has gobs of power and quite restful to cruise on and tops out about 50 mph. Best of all, it starts well and idles nicely when the tranny free-wheels on coast. If it crators, I can psh it in freewheel without removing a belt. Final drive is #41 chain.

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    Post a pic of that new fork and the Lotus Super Seven. A 1000 lbs super seven moves along pretty good with a Miata engine.
  3. The Lotus 7 project (Locost)

    Hopefully the pix will post. This one uses a 1988 Toyota 4A-GE from a Sport Coupe. DOHV, injected 1.6L. 112 hp. The car should weigh 1200 lbs. and run 120 mph. With proper tires they are capable of 1.5 g. cornering. It uses a 5-speed 1984 Corolla tranny,shaft,dif. and Mustang II spindles, Starlett rack, Tercel column, and wheels from 1971 Celica. Rear fenders lengthened boat trailer. Seats, tractor replacement with no metal pans. ($10.99 Lo cost) Frame gas welded 1" 16 ga. sq. tubing, body 18 ga. alum. powder coated John Deere yellow for visability. Civic radiator,M-B fan, BMW fuel pump, 10 gal. fuel cell. Nose, front fenders,cowl FRP Built by book, Build your own sports car for 250(pounds sterling) or less and race it Front 8-1/2" f driver seat can be raised up to 4" for thigh comfort.
    As for the fork, it is in progress. Pix later.

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    I actually enjoy rewiring from scratch. Take lots of time planning and making scale wiring diagrams and find an accessible place to work.

    I see you have a Saab Sonett, here's photos of how I made a wooden box to contain most of the electrical components for a Sonett.

    That's really impressive to build a Super 7 the way you did. I like it a lot.


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    Yeah, It's a 1974 with rusted out floorboards, broken front clip ears, master clutch cylinder problems, and seized calipers, I swapped a 1983 Honda Magna 1100 with worn timing chain tensioners for it and found it was seized after sitting 3 yrs. Soaked the bores with Marvel Mystery Oil and bumped the starter weekly for 6 wks, and it finally came loos with a stuck valve, which I tapped free with a mallet. Ran fine and drov e it synchronizing the gears and not having brakes, but managed around the block once. Has sat now another 3 yrs. Who knows? I wonder what the "engineers" were smoking when they put the fuel tank against the seat and the battery behind that for a detonator? They deserve to be out of business.