Yaller peril runs OK.

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    [​IMG] Yaller Vista

    Fueled up the new Vista with 30:1 and it started right up after poping a couple times to tell me it didn't want no damn choke. It ran evenly and idled nicely albeit a bit fast. Went around the block at about 15-20 and parked it. Will check the headbolts in the morning.
    FWIW, I found the included sheet metal plug wrench turns the drive sprocket to thread the chain. I did discover when I shortened it and inserted a half-iink the pins on the supplied chain are a bit larger than #41. For now I am using the idler roller, but may adjust it to eliminate it later

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    Glad to hear you're up and running.

    Looking over 'new posts' I saw this thread and I saw your screen name. And I thought, "This guy seems familiar". And I see that you go back to 2008 around here.

    So you are a veteran around here. But you must not post a whole lot, huh?
  3. Yeah, I had a couple China Girls back then, Sold one and loaned the other to the guy's son across the street and he wrecked it drunk. However, he fixed my storm-damaged roof so I told him to keep it. Just needed a front wheel and fork
    Recently I picked up another engine kit cheap on Ebay and put it in the Vista. I have a cyst in my lumbar and until I get it removed, my legs are too weak to safely operate my 1400 cc Suzuki Intruder (535#) or even the W-650 Kawasaki at 400+. I find that there are new vehicle restrictions in OK now so will find out today if I can afford to be legal.