Engine Trouble Yd 100 clone blown up

Get that bottome end cleaned out good,
And our little buddy Gordy would know...lol...lol...lol.

This does use the 12mm wrist pin but the bearing is crunchy from metal shards so feel it would be the same for the conrod bearing so does anyone have any tips for splitting and reassembling the crank?
Update :
fully disassembled bottom end, there where metal shards everywhere, one bearing was toast the other was okay, they had metal shields on the outside of them (facing outwards) . I will order a new set along with new seals and gaskets. The con rod does have a bit of play but I think its ok. The bearing feels fine but I sprayed it with gt85 just to try clean it out a bit. I think il put this project on hold and come back in 2 months (when exam season is over) to get started on the 54mm 660 build. I guess I see you all later, thanks a bunch.