Yea I dot it..My 1st build

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by meatball758, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. meatball758

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    Alright i think im may have it...Whew...This is my 1st build..A stingray repo..

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  2. Looks really great! can you confirm that it runs properly with the float at such an angle? Also don't forget the particulate filter or you'll be cleaning junk off of your carb pin a lot! :p
  3. meatball758

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    It runs great, although a modification to the intake is needed..The air filter had to be trimmed and the carb is actuall siting in the 1:00 position..I am going to fab up a new aluminium intake like we do on the race cars...When i do build it i am going to try one of the Boost Bottles...
  4. Dude that's the Wal Mart bike,right?

    I was drooling all over that bike when I saw it.
    Is that a 50,65 or 70?

    It fits nice,man.
    I'm sure you can figure out the carb bowl thing.
  5. hellbilly

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    Looks pretty cool!!
  6. meatball758

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    Yes it is the wal mart bike..I bought 2 of them..Built one and am having the time of my life riding it..Will keep the other as a pedel bike..I used to collect the origional Krates..Had all of the flavors in my collection..I always wanted one ever since they came out but was way too pricey for my dad back in the late 60's..So in the late 80's is when i collected them...Still have a predicessor to them, remeber the Fastback...I have a 1967 purple one that i still ride today...I will dig up a picture of it and post here later...Gotta go for now..Thanks...Meatball
  7. meatball758

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    Ok. I found just a few old pictures of my 1967 Schwinn Fastback..Although i hope you don't mind my ex-wife in it as im sure she would mind more..ha ha, oh well...(And im not being disrespectful here Ladies)..It's just the only ones that i could find..If it wasn't pouring down raining here in southern Louisiana, i would go dig her out and go ride and snap some more pictures..Of the bike that

    Also you may enjoy the scale replica's i have of the Krates...

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  8. davidsis

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    X wife is kinda hot.
  9. nKKommando

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    fellow LA rider-

    Hey man, fellow motoredbiker here in New Orleans. Good to see someone else in the vicinity on this board.
  10. meatball758

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    Hey great..I am just a day old here on this site and this is a kick...let's get a ride together..Northshore or covington-Abita Springs Area...
  11. turbo/chaos

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    modifyed the carb why i did the same bike and had to ad a 20t crank on to make it work but nice
  12. turbo/chaos

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    ok check it out man had to in stal brakes and a 36 spoke rim to this bike hits 30mph easy

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  13. Torques

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    That is a very cool bike. I don't think I've seen one like that before.
  14. Esteban

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    I bought 2 of those bikes, & haven't made my mind up what to do with them, yet. I hate it when my mind does me like that !
    GREAT looking build !!
  15. meatball758

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    Yes she was...And was real..REAL expensive...The next ones i ever invest in will have 1/4 turn Dzus fastners installed so if i had to install on a new frame it would keep the cost
  16. bluegoatwoods

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    I remember those bikes. I just haven't seen one in at least 30 years.

    Neat build!
  17. Scottm

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  18. meatball758

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    Thanx Scottm..I have seen pictures before of the Grape Krate..It was later, about 1971 i think, along with the Cotton Picker, and the most sought after, The Grey Ghost..This probably the most rarest of the Krates..I mean what kid wanted a grey bike with all of the candy colors avaliable...
  19. Scottm

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    I don't remeber seeing these as a kid, I probably had a Sears or Montgomery Ward bike/ Schwinn wanna be. I enjoy the bike trips back down memory lane.
    I know these are modern versions but it's still cool. You can click on the color and it will show that bike.

    I don't know about you, but if I was a kid again and I saw A silver bike like this I might have pestered my dad a little more.:D
  20. meatball758

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    Silver Yes...But the origionals were like shiny grey primer,Which was of the era "HOT ROD" primer...

    I had a western auto,(I think)but cant seem to find any pictures of the bike..I have searched the web and no luck..Closest thing was the Murray Eleminator,But i know it wasn't....It had a double cradle frame, with a tall sissy bar, tuck and roll pleated Bananna seat,The frame at the rear had like a plate with 3 holes in it and ram horn handle was yellow,with a black seat...I sure would some imfo...

    Excuse the rough drawing....

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