yeah baby, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I finally won one of those suckers on eBay!!!!! (Chinese kit from dax)
I was up to my eyeballs putting things together and rounding up materials to do a build with a chainsaw I can just "bolt up" a kit to a bike and ride off into the sunset.

Man, I am so happy.

It's been a long week with the addition that I'm putting on the back of the shop (living quarters in back of the shop, oh yeah...) and I needed a break. Now I'll have one in what a week, ten days? Two weeks? I know it takes awhile for him to ship.
i think he got an "other" :p

hey, joe, that's great news! seeing this post reminded me of being here for a month before i had mine, too, so i know exactly how you feel 8)
It's a 70cc. I haven't seen any other sizes available on the eBay from him.
Any idea how long it will take before I get it? I see he ships every so often....I am guessing I won't have it for a couple of weeks?
yes, the lead-time for shipping from dax is 10 days.

long wait, but worth it, imo 8)
i'm debating ordering another one. I stripped one of my head studs, and am starting to get a little noise from the crank anyways...just have to decide if I should get a whole new kit, or just the base engine.