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  1. Foximus

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    New post requirement. I build 2 stroke motors for jetskis... fun new project for me.

  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. If you can repair jet skis, building a motorized bike should be simple for you.
  3. Foximus

    Foximus Member

    Yeap. Im waiting on my 66cc motor to get here and Im going to tear it apart and blue print it. Im going to design a porting template and try and get a good bit of power off these motors... I expect I might be able to get up to 15 horse with the right amount of work.

    Im thinking I might be able to machine 2 extra boost ports into the cylinder, lighten the flywheel, and change the duration of the transfer, intake, and exhaust ports, machine a center fire head with good squish and small cc combustion chambers.

    If everything goes right, I'll do this for other people as well.

    Edit.. anyone know what these motors hitpeak RPM at in stock form? 8 or 9k?
  4. GearNut

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    15 horse?
    Yeah if you re-manufacturer the crankshaft with a stronger output shaft, connectiong rod and quality bearings through out.
    You may even need to manufacture your own cases to keep all the fancy goodies in one piece.
    That is alot of power for chintzy alloys to hold up to.
  5. Foximus

    Foximus Member

    Con rods and bearings are easy to get, and cranks are easy to replace... lol

    Perhaps I'll machine some billet case retainers or girdles. Like i said, motor isnt here yet, so who knows what will happen. In all actuality it shouldnt be hard to get 10 horse out of 70cc's.
  6. Foximus

    Foximus Member

    Just finished piecing together my frame out of a few bikes, working on a fender and gas tank tomorrow. Once everything is said and done I want to order a 29er wheel and weld on some caliper brackets for the front.