Yellow 2007 Whizzer NE5 for sale.

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Downtown, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. Downtown

    Downtown Guest

    Hey Y'all . I am located in so cal in the inland empire and am selling my 07 yellow NE5 Whizzer. It has 683 miles on it. I have the chrome rack and turn signal package. Starts and runs great. I have a brown Brooks english leather seat but also have the original seat, buyer gets both. Paint is great but does have a couple rock hits. Only thing is it is pick up only I'm not shipping. Price is 1300. Rear tire has the bontrager super thick inner tube. If anybody is interested let me know.

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  2. Downtown

    Downtown Guest

    I also have the chrome fender tips that Whizzer no longer sells as well as a new speedo for the bike.
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    ok - just saw this -- interesting at this time

    how many miles from San Diego are you ?

    just curious for now..

    ride that thing Mountainman
  4. chrome tips

    Hi could you pm or email me what you want for the tips?
  5. Downtown

    Downtown Guest

    Hi Mountainman, straight up the 15 driving legally is about two hours from san diego. Yucaipa is right off the 10 just north of Hemet. Motorbikemike sorry but I meant the chrome tips go with the bike. And I will not sell separate cuz as you know that leaves open mount holes in the fenders.
  6. Downtown

    Downtown Guest

    One more thing I forgot to mention.

    It also has the 70mm clutch on it right now for better hill climbing.
  7. Downtown

    Downtown Guest

    More pix of whizzer

    A few more pix of the whizzer.

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  8. Downtown

    Downtown Guest

    Weekend special sale price.

    The whizzer is listed on craigslist fas well for the inland empire and has this same change added to it. Until Monday morning the price is 1100.00 but because it is a discounted price it is firm.
  9. MotorMac

    MotorMac Member

    Well I would snatch it up right now but no shipping? to Canada where Whizzers and few and rare?Looks like all the nice bikes are in California, I,ll have to drive there one day and try to sneak them across the border!!
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  10. Downtown

    Downtown Guest

    Shipping this all the way to Ontario- that would cost almost as much as I'm losing on it. - LOL I'm selling off everything I own thats smaller than a motorcycle so I dont have the time to box anything up or arrange / wait for a vehicle shipper. I am gonna miss it alot when it's gone. I live in a smaller town that has a large share of car shows and I ride it to all of them. Draws a crowd of it's own. It got so I had to carry business cards for the dealer who sold it to me to pass out.

    The whizzer also comes with a pair of black leather saddlebags!
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  11. Yellow NE

    Hi Downtown, please PM me about your bike.


  12. Downtown

    Downtown Guest

    Weekend sale price has ended.
  13. Downtown

    Downtown Guest

    Whizzer sold - no longer available