Yep, it's a new guy here :)



Hey, i'm from Calgary, got an 80cc chinese mounted to a really crappy bike right now. Just trying to get 'er broken in, yah know? It sure does feel good tho to have it running (except for the darn kill switch-where does it go...?)
Anyways, looking forward to many miles with it, gonna swap it into a wild little bobber type deal when she's broken in finally



hey, ROCKET_80 , neat "nick" 8)

carpy bike or no...make sure you take good care of that engine, you can always find it a better home later...

welcome to the MBc! :D

(kill switch should be spliced in with the blue/green wire to the cdi, this way it "kills" the signal to the ignition when you ground it)


Welcome :D

The guy that turned me on to motorized bikes is from Calgary. He works at the university in the Chemistry department, rides a bike all year long to work, has a red '28 Ford roadster, and races at Bonneville.
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