Yer Bike Onna Shirt!

Yep that is exactkly what I'm saying. I was thinking maybe some Whizzer (and other MotorBicycle) owners might like to have thier bike on a T-Shirt.

Oddly enuf (and why I'm writing this) I can actually perform this task, with the miracle of Digital cameras, and email I can "marry" the two components nicely. I have a Hix t-shirt press, and a CFS Archival ink system.

I can actually do oter stuff too, but again, lets start with a single idea?

I dunno if this would be of more interest to Whizzer people, than to others, but I'm startin here, now.

Your bike on a White T-shirt, 10.00 plus postage.

Whaddya think bout that?

That sounds great, Mike. It's hard to get a plain vanilla T-shirt nowadays for that price.

As soon as I finish the build and decide on a pic, I'll contact you. Again, great idea.

The moderators might decide this belongs over in the Buy/Sell/Trade but I'll find it if it moves. :cool:

I sold my bike t-shirt rights to Blue Collars Bikes for a free t-shirt:


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bike for shirt?

Hi Hough, that's something I had certainly not thought of, BUT I have always built my own bikes.

I've been putting mine, and my advertising on my shirts for a long time now.

Anyway, I hope thats workin out well for you.