Yes you must have three bikes!

Urban Fatbiker

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12:43 AM
Jan 30, 2019
Nashville TN
It has happened, and I give my wife a big told-ya-so.

I'm still in the middle of redoing my fatbike electrics with classier looking lights.
So its down.

Went to ride my motorbike to the mailbox, geez its oily, I look, an exhaust stud is missing. Ok, I find a bolt, washers, put it in, last tighten it pops the head off.
So its down.

Theres a group ride this Sun, a bike event Sat, the Preds in playoffs home Fri.

I'll be on my trike.
Hope I don't break it.
OH Goody Darwin, you found Gordy's little pink big wheel will be so pleased and happy you found it for
Well, I went from 6 down to 2 with one in the rebuild stage.... still waiting on Quenton to do my Top End so I can continue to put the Ambassador back together. :cry: