Yesterday was either a good day or bad day...

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    ....not sure which yet as just purchased a 2008 Ambassador on a whim, I ride an old Cb750C but wifey was getting a little jealous. The good news is, she runs, the bike that is, the bad news, it is missing the left brake/clutch handle. The good folks at Whizzer said to just get a right one and turn it upside down (left ones are currently out of stock) but I am not convinced this is the best route to follow.

    Looking forward to getting some advice on this forum. Thanks.

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    Hi Wolfgang,
    Hm.. I would second-guess the interchangeability of the left and right handles, based on the one I have in front of me. The one in the attached pic is from a 2008 Ambassador 2, Left handle. If the right handle wasn't broken/missing when I got the bike, I would have taken pics of them both. Anyway, look at the contours of both sides. They seem very different to me. I would not bet that these would swap from side to side. Maybe you'll get lucky and yours will be different. You are doing the right thing by researching prior to buying parts though, I wish I had your kind of patience.
    I'm sure you'll find one- good luck with the bike.

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    Hi Wolfgang,
    It would be worth trying Joe Lin in Taiwan, where this bike came from. He posts a site on ebay with parts for sale in addition to a website, I bought a cylinder kit from him 2 years ago and found communication with him timely and quick. Got the cylinder within 5 days of ordering it and was exactly as I wanted. Great service, in my opinion. Hope this is of help...
    Take Care,