Yet another clutch issue. please help! no idle

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by scokes, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Okay, a little backstory. Everything on my MB is running... About a month back I was having some clutch problems, i.e. it was stuck and would not engage. So after messing around with the clutch arm adjustment and getting it to where it seemed ok, I decided to loosen up the little screw on the arm and adjust the cable by just a hair and when I went to tighten the screw, it broke smooth off. So, after that whatever was keeping the clutch from engaging slowly worked out and I needed to tighten the clutch so ever since then I have had to make all adjustments by using the flower nut on the clutch pad.

    now, here is my problem. When I am riding and I pull the clutch handle to slow for a stop, my motor revs up extremely high, so high that I can't even use the clutch until I am almost at a complete stop and even then I can only pull the handle partially (not even a half an inch). Before when pulling the handle, the engine dropped to nice idle. What have I done and how can I fix it?

    I have tried searching MBc extensive database to no avail. All suggestions will be appreciated.

  2. Sounds like you have a airleak near the intake or carb.
    did you try and adjust the screw on carb to lower your idle.
  3. scokes

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    I have, but will mess with it again this afternoon. I'll take it apart and make sure nothing is stuck where it shouldn't be.
    Thanks, Sometimes I can't see the trees for the woods. you know what I mean?
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    Sucking Air!!!

    Mine was doing that.

    When I first got it together, it wouldn't idle w/ clutch in. I messed with the cable, the arm, filed the end of the arm so it could be drawn closer to the frame. . .

    then I check here---adjust the idle, they said

    I did, it worked.

    Once I got that licked I started having your experience. Take the carb off, slip an O ring around the carb and snug it up against the manifold--I added a strip of EPDM rubber around the outside under the clamp for good measure and torqued it down good and tight and the problem was solved. Some folks have said they used a dab of silicone and I think I even saw one post where they just went whole hog and J.B. welded the carb onto the manifold.
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    Can't Do anything with the arm, because the screw holding the cable in place broke smooth off.

    Lost my freaking Idle screw and spring yesterday. spent an hour walking up and down the road. Guess what, I FOUND IT. YEAH...

    I've got some some high temp gasket maker "silicone" that I have been using until I can get a new exhaust gasket, but had left it at work. I realized that I did in fact have a gap in the intake between the carb and manifold. I will try this gasket material to see if it helps.

    Thanks for the input.
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    The other day I zip tied my cables to the frame. After doing this, my engine was revving like crazy. Come to find out, I tied my throttle cable to tight so it was pulling all the time. I simply cut it loose and my problem was solved.

    I doubt this is your problem, but thought I would mention it.

  7. does sound like an airleak use RTV round the outside of the intake