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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Rayde, Apr 27, 2011.

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    I have a daemon bikes engine kit, not running yet, waiting on replacement parts. I have 2 exhausts for this engine:

    and the stock one:

    The site claims a performance boost with the banana pipe, however i obviously cannot try either currently. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these pipes, and if they're worth the aesthetic sacrifice of the original pipe.

    I've reamed the intake manifold to be smooth inside, having no flow constriction at the flange/gasket, and I'm planning on doing the same for the exhaust. Simple hot-rodding.

    I guess the paragraph boils down to: Is this expansion chamber actually going to noticeably increase power from stock, or is it the "snake oil" situation?

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    I do not believe that the banana pipe is properly tuned. But a properly tuned length from the exhaust port to the first bell of about 12 inches on an expansion chamber will offer a dramatic power increase.
    picture link

    How to tune a tuned chamber by sick bike parts a pdf file from their site. Pipe Installaion Instructions.pdf

    I dont know why the link doesnt work but here is how to get there.

    go to sick bike parts

    click on the link for the Tuned Pipe Installation Instructions pdf
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    Second link doesn't work, but i see your point.

    I'll try to get my kit running first before i drop any significant $$$ on it. Thanks for the reply.
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    tuned pipe, big difference

    the biggest thing I did to my bike was to install a tuned pipe. It make a world of difference. The bike can travel much faster than stock and it lets me use a higher gear. I was using a 45 and now I am down to a 36. The gas mileage did go down a bit but it now is a more viable as transportation. I do not have a speedometer on my bike but I figure that it gives me a easy ten miles an hour gain and a much faster acceleration than the stock pipe.

    I went with the Sick Bike Parts pipe and then modified it so it would not hit my crank by adding a extension on the pipe before it hits the baffle. I also slanted the baffle out a bit so the exhaust would not put so much oil on the rear wheel.

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