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  1. Santos94

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    Hello everyone. I'm new here so I decided to post my bike. As the title states, its a Huffy Cranbrook. I bought the 66cc engine the same day as the bike. Upgrades are: 32t sprocket, nt speed carb with filter, ported cylinder, piston trimmed and ramped. Expansion chamber. Next will be to get a dellorto, high compression head, and occ fork.

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    Welcome to the forum. Don't make too many changes to the engine at one time. Make one change, tune and then add the next mod.
    A guy on a different forum just had a 35 mph crash when his rear fender folded during a ride. Its best to reinforce the fender struts or remove the fenders.
  3. Santos94

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    Thanks, Good to be here. Ya after I modify my piston I noticed a big change in performance. The motor is vibrating less but I feel a slight lack of power. I have a spare piston so I may revert back to tell a difference. With the fenders, I may cut them to were they are only 1 foot long on each wheel, or should I just remove them completely?
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    Nice looking bike
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    Fenders - I trimmed the rear quarter of my back fender. I also moved the rear fender strut to make it closer to vertical. When your rear fender strut is close to vertical, it prevents the fender from sagging down to contact the tire when you hit a bump. Stronger struts can be bought on line or a local bike shop.
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    DSCN1948.jpg Nice ride and can imagine it hauls good in Merced with the 36 tooth and engine mods....I'm in Sacramento with my ride and about to put a suspension fork on my unit to make it safer at speed and a light with led bulb and so 32 tooth sprocket and some mods... DSCN1944.jpg DSCN2009.jpg
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