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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by MaximusPsychosis, Jan 9, 2011.

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    so here i am, looking into making a motorized recumbent cargo trike with independent suspension blah blah.. buut, since i live in Australia, i can't find myself a cheap 200W motor.. and i think if i'm going to build up my recumbent cargo trike thingy, i'd need more then that..
    So you might see me in the "Powered Trikes" section asking many questions...

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    Welcome to the forum. We never get tired of weird ideas. I f we were conformists, we would be playing golf instead of tinkering with motorized bicycles.
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    Great comment by Wheelbender!

    There is a vendor in your country that sells the 200w HT(gas) kits, I think it is Rocksolid.
    Also, since there are more than a few of you guys from Down under here, there are conversations in the archives to search for.

    I had a similar issue in my state where anything with a motor is considered a motor vehicle.
    I bought a moped which only required tags and converted my bike into it.
    It still looks like a bike, very quiet, motor hidden, ridden sensibly, always with a helmet, and has a cycle license plate on back, to avoid hassles.
    I have actually gotten scolded by a car driver for not being on the bike path going around a local park.

    At least you CAN motorize, the 200w is measured at the rear tire, I understand. The HP at the engine would be more.
    And the engine can be de-restricted for more umph, but still has the paperwork showing 200w.
    Of course, if you are flying down the road attracting attention, you likely will get the attention you do not want.
  4. MaximusPsychosis

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    That I can tell you that I Will NOT do, I have respect for others on the road, I've seen and had enough accidents to "mature" up on, handful of bike accidents with battle scars to prove it, and 1 car (only a bender fender, but enough to be a kick in the butt, and wallet..), and seen old class mates losing lives, even good friends, from car crashes...

    now on the other hand, yeah, rocksolid motors do sell 200w 2-pop gassers, with compliance plate and paperwork, for twice the price of ebays' "new Chinese rebuilds" 48cc 1(+/-0.5)HP things, and it comes with no paperwork.. (I could only afford the latter whilst I rebuild my car)

    And this lovely trike idea, thought of using the Recycled Recumbents' ( "EZ clone" and ether put a tadpole front end on it, or dual rear wheels with the same suspension as the mountain bikes have these days, use a jack shaft to put power from the peddles to the 2 rear wheels and use their free-wheel as a differential... meh, just ideas floating though my head..
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