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    Greetings from the flatlands of Darke County, Ohio, home of Annie Oakley and endless corn and soybean fields. My name is Allen and I am a VERY small Whizzer motorbike dealer near a small town called Hollansburg, OH.

    Having always been interested in ANYTHING with two wheels and a motor since I was a kid, I became a Whizzer dealer about 4 years ago. I average about two units a year, so obviously I do this as a hobby and not as a source of income!

    Seems the feud between 'Whizzer Industries' in Taiwan and 'Whizzer USA' still hasn't been resolved :confused:, and Whizzer USA has no more bikes to sell, so this brings me to this forum to look for alternatives.

    I played with a cheap-o chinese two-stroke kit and put it on a bike about 5 years ago. It worked, but felt like I was riding an oversized chainsaw, as it was noisey, vibrated a good deal, and rather chintzy. So, I am looking for half-descent 4-stroke alternatives.

    Currently, I am attempting to put a Whizzer engine on a 'RoadMaster Luxury Liner' reproduction bicycle, but first must find a wider pedal crank so the left pedal doesn't hit the flywheel & belt cover studs, so if anyone has any suggestions, it would be appreciated.

    Meanwhile, I'll snoop on the forum for other available kits and ideas.

    I must be off...
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    3 things
    see sick bike parts for a wider crank
    an could u post a pic of ur bike

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    See attached for photo of stock bike, and what converted bike would look similar to.


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    welcome :)
    do you know either Mike Simpson or Quenton Guenther ???
    they are both well known in the Whizzer community and started a company making 4stroke kits approx 1.5 years ago
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    I have read some post from Quenton just a few days ago. He seems VERY knowledgable in the Whizzer engines and I have glanced at his web site already - I guess I need to take a closer look at what he has.

    I see you are a dealer for his engine kits. I would consider it also, but Ohio is very picky at what they consider a moped. To register a moped, it must be on the 'approved' list, and I don't believe the EZ Motorbike is there yet. If it was, I would consider being a dealer for them also.

    Thanks for the greeting and the tip!